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Originally posted by DLB
Rees: I think Kim Chi is a favorite... a pungent mixture of fermented vegetables...
I don't want anyone to take this in a racist or stereotypical way...but Kim Chi(sp?) of any form would likely be extremely appreciated. I've been to South Korea several times in the last year on business...I have never seen a traditional Korean meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner; that didn't include some form of KimChi. FYI the the radish ones are my personal favorite.

Again, just trying to be illustrative...All the Koreans I know (note: real I mean Koreans residing in Korea, this doesn't include the 'Korean-Americans' that I know) eat KimChi with a meal with about the same frequency that we use salt & pepper.

I've almost convinced myself some biological entities actually REQUIRE KimChi at least once per day!

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I wont be watching the forum the rest of today or tomorrow. Honey do's. You understand, right?

Thanks for the Kimchi suggestions.
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Rees, are you going to be able to test with DVI output when you have the engineer over? That shift issue reported concerns me as I will have to use the DVI output with my eventual setup.

If not, please ask your contact about this. This is definitely something they should be able to reproduce.

Theoretically (and this is exactly what I will be doing), I will be attaching DVI, Component, and SVid from this 160 box to a TV, and they can all be hot at the same time (I will use this for PIP or quick switching between inputs).

If this can be tested, and there is noticable shift between the sources when you switch between them on numerous sets, that should be tweakable, and it is rather unacceptable, I would think. I mean I would love to just have one DVI/HDMI input to my TV for all my sources (hopefully with all non-digital sources converted to DVI) and I could move the image offset to fix the problem, but I am a few years away from being able to do that even if I wanted to.
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I don't want to sound like a jerk. But those of you waiting for a fix, get ready to wait a long time.

I purchased a Samsung PPMH2 50" Plasma and it had a few bad pixels right outta the box and a warped bezel around the edge of the screen. I was promised over 6 weeks ago a new plasma and still have not received it. Everytime I call they say they have left messages for me leaving me updates about the new plasma being shipped, I never got a single phone call from them.

Crazy thing is I go buy the T160 when it first came out and it is falling apart on me. Reboot after Reboot, insert valid card, red push, etc...

Sony HD200 here I come

Just beware of the false promises.
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Originally posted by turls Theoretically (and this is exactly what I will be doing), I will be attaching DVI, Component, and SVid from this 160 box to a TV, and they can all be hot at the same time (I will use this for PIP or quick switching between inputs).[/b]
FYI: DVI and component outputs are NOT "hot" simultaneously. There is a small slide switch on the back of the TS160 that the user must select to toggle between DVI/RGB and Component outputs. RF, composite and S-Video are all "hot" regardless of the switch position.
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Yeah, I knew that, and forgot. Actually I won't even have enough component inputs left to waste a duplicate input for the Samsung there. This is why the DVI input is so important to me--I will be switching between 3 different satellite STB's--one on component, one on DVI, and one on Svid, and if they are shifted that will suck.
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42Plasma -

Took me 6 weeks to get Toshiba to realize the horrid ghosting on my (SECOND!!!) 65HX81 was not acceptable for a $3K TV set. Took me 8 weeks after that to get the credit back for the TV that they carted out of my living room 8 weeks earlier.

No offense, but I dont go around saying things to the effect of "if you have a problem with your Toshiba, get ready to wait a very long time." Even after seeing the bunch of people getting DOAs on the early production of the new sets, I still say Toshiba has some of the best TVs out there, I just wouldnt buy one because of what I went thru. Heck, they've supposedly already fixed one of the issues in their new sets, plus I dont see very many DOA stories lately.

Everyone gets lemons now and then...........I bought a Honda (yes, the most dependable car in the world, right?) that blew a tranny after 1500 miles (yes, 15 hundred, not 15 or 150 thousand, 15 hundred). Did I return the car? No. Did I wait longer than I thought I should have for a fix? Yes (we all want instant gratification). Will I buy another Honda? You bet your wallet.

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So you don't go around saying that. That's fine, I do. Does that make you better than me?

Like I stated when I opened the post "I don't want to be a jerk", so if you do not like my post don't read it. This was to warn people that it could be a while for repairs. Most people who purchased this unit have 30 day return policies for refunds, after that they are pretty much SOL.
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That's fine for the people that only bought the 160 because it was cheaper than the Sony, if they can't wait, they need to return it and get the Sony.

But for those of us that need certain features/functionality unique to the Samsung, there really isn't an alternative out there. The returns are just going to raise the price for everybody if Samsung comes through. If it is a decent dealer, if you explain the situation to them, they should allow somewhat of an extended return period, until Samsung makes or doesn't make an official statement in the next month or so.

Originally posted by 42Plasma
Most people who purchased this unit have 30 day return policies for refunds, after that they are pretty much SOL.
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42plasma is probably right. Samsung is selling new $3000-5000 TVs that are problem laden (to some extent). Fixes are taking months and the product is make-or-break for Samsung to move up to a higher "tier." This low-volume set-top box is very unlikely to get a fast-track fix. It may happen, but I'd not hold my breath because (a) it's a lower-margin product and (b) these things take a lot of time. If you want to live with the 160 with red push or whatever for 5-6 months and hope for a fix, great. In general, my experience is owning flawed products that have promised fixes is a surefire way to learn to live with flawed products.

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5-6 months--the Toshiba and RCA box might be out by then. I guess we will need to give them 5-6 months to fix their glitches as well. :(

What a racket.

(I still say pressure your salesperson to give an extended return period--it might piss enough of them off into pressuring the manufacturers to clean up their act--or just go with the status quo, return the box, and have no HD at all for X months (at least in my case)).

Or, are HD viewers a big enough niche to start pursuing class action suits? :)

Originally posted by rogo
If you want to live with the 160 with red push or whatever for 5-6 months and hope for a fix, great.
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For those of you who just have an opinion on the chances of Samsung addressing the “problems†of the TS160 why don't you start a new thread for that discussion. I think Rees was trying to keep this thread "clean" for just accumulating the problems that are being experienced from users of the TS160 (without a bunch of clutter), so that he can pass on to Samsung and then report back to us what Samsung plans on doing to address them.

Or Rees, maybe you could start a new thread with pertinent information regarding what issues are relayed to Samsung, what their response is and just let the negative comments/opinions of this thread take it's separate course.
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I'm glad someone got through to Sanyo. My RGB out is completly dead on the T-160 even after I exchanged it for a different one and I had to buy a component to VGA transcoder to get HDTV into my projector. The red push or high chroma level is distracting. I called the (1) engineer working on this product at Samsung, left a message a week and a half ago and no call back. The gatekeepers at the tech support line will not patch you to him directly, you have to leave a message. If the HD200 Sony didn't have the problem of not offering simultanous HD/ST I would return this thing in a heartbeat.
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Continuing the Kim Chi thread...:p

Rather than our radish, they use something in the same family called daikon, big as a football!:o

Anyone remember the 'MASH' episode where they thought the Kim Chi pot was a bomb? Hilarious...:D
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Just as an FYI -
Just talked to Samsung about the "Insert new access card" issue that pops up occasionally, and they said they are actively investigating the fix with DirecTV......at this point they arent sure if its just Samsung, just DirecTV or a combination, but they told me to call back in a week to check on status (sounds like they are close).

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Rees, I have had my 160 for a week now. I have only had one issue with this unit and plan to keep it if this issue can be resolved. I believe this issue is the similar to what you described in your original posting, however, there are some unique differences that Samsung may need to know about to diagnose the situation. Here is the description of the problem (I.e., steps to recreate it).

1. Tune to a regular DirecTv signal or any HD OTA signal.
2. Change channel via channel guide, channel up/down button or keypad to 12-1 (this is my local ABC OTA HD signal)
3. A very clear HD signal flashes on screen for 1 second, then distorts, then the Samsung reboots itself.
4. After rebooting, the DirecTV channel guide starts to download again.
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I received my samsung ts160 two days and have had no problems whatsoever.

I don't have the redshift.
I am able to simultaneiously output hdtv to my hitachi 65swx20b and 480i output to my hacked tivo is great. Unit is also about 1/3 the size of my old dtc100.

So, for what its worth, i am happy with the unit.
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Yes, I would like to replace the DTC-100 for size reasons alone!

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Questions questions.. I'm debating between the 160 and the sony hd-200. I LOVE the idea that I can - if I understand right, output svid to my tivo and leave it on all the time, with tivo recording (albeit non-hd) all the time, and then manually tune in HD when I want to watch live. I don't see an issue with tivo not being able to tune in OTA stations, since it should have SD versions of each HD station that will be just as good for its S-vid input.
The screen stretching and hd15 issues concern me. The stretching - does that mean I'll never get the picture to fill all of my XGA 1024x768 projector screen? I have an hd100 now and playing around I noticed it never filled the screen - but I assumed I couldv'e tweaked my way out of it if I tried. Maybe I was wrong. On the VGA shift, I assume using component fixes it? My hd100 has the same problem with VGA shift - I assumed it was fixed in the hd200 but don't know for sure.
....recording to my 100gb tivo all night, yet being ready to display HDTV college football on saturday... very compelling indeed.... that may be a deal-sealer in itself.
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Originally posted by chrisexv6
Discounting the red-push of the Samsung (by lowering the color everytime I switched to it), the Samsung seems to have a much granier image from the same broadcast. I dont know how it "adds" grain, but the Sony image was cleaner. The Sony image (even on HD) seems sharper than the same image on the Samsung. I hate to admit it, but there it is...........-Chris
Same that I noted between my Toshiba DST-3000 and the Samsung SIR-ST-160.
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Ok, I am back from all the honey do's. (wife and I took a much needed two day get away from it all vacation)

Boy, I go away for 2 days and suddenly this topic goes out of control. :) Look, you can always do your comparisons in other topics. They simply do not belong here. I am merely trying to involve everyone here with a company who really wants to support their product. Isn't that statement worth it's weight in gold?

There are many reasons why one would want one box over another. And they would all be valid reasons to those stating them. There is no argument there. But let's get on track on what this specific topic is about. (getting off the podium now) (grin)

I expect the Samsung engineer to be here tomorrow morning unless airline issues came up (which I have not heard any of yet). So hang tight. Let's continue this adventure. But let's keep in mind what this is all about please.

Yes, we want repeatable issues which can and should be discussed to verify that many are having them. Once we get going on this tomorrow we will need the bandwidth to share even more information and collect possible responses.

Really, I must say, I enjoy the honest bantering here. It really does show alot of true interest in improving the lot for everyone. I just want to make this a place where we all can win. We have an opportunity here which should be handled with all the professionalism we can collectively muster. Comparisons of other company products just don't belong here.

Ok, consider yourselves spanked. (giggle) Let's move on to some more fun.

So, until sometime tomorrow......

Stay tuned

:) Regards :)
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Originally posted by turls
Rees, are you going to be able to test with DVI output when you have the engineer over?
Unfortunately, no. But they have been told about the problem. Thanks for the input.
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Originally posted by ReesR
Look, you can always do your comparisons in other topics. They simply do not belong here
Rees, I luv ya!!! You're being really helpful and constructive. But I disagree, in that if the HD picture is more grainy than with other HD receivers, isn't that a legitimate concern for those of us HD nuts after the best picture quality? Now it may be that the red push affects and causes this - heck if I know.

Another issue. Why doesn't the 720p setting sync with my Dwin HD-700 CRT projector. According to Stacy Spears of the Secrets of Home Theater website, my Dwin projector can handle 720p although the lines may overlap a bit and soften the picture a bit (compared to if the lines didn't overlap). Stacy thinks its that the Samsung receiver is putting out a positive sync as the Dwin requires negative sync (the negative sync at the Dwin RGB V/H Sync BNC inputs is set forth in the projector specs at www.dwin.com). But with the Samsung in 480p and 1080i the Dwin projector syncs absolutely fine. So what gives here?
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You know what Steve?

I luv ya too. And you know what? Your right. Grain issue is a legitmate concern. My thinking right now is when the chroma issue is resolved the grain issue will be too. But let's just take this one step at a time.

And duly noted (but not comfirmed by more than one user) that there is a 720p sync issue. Anyone else confirm?

I am supposed to hear by 9am from my contact at Samsung about the engineer.

More later.

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at the rsk of getting wooped by ReesR, i'll respond, as i did in a previous thread regarding the 160 and a Pioneer rp not working via the RGB
http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=180074 .

Steve-perhaps the DWIN has a menu setting which you can change to accept a different polarity.

RGB has a few different flavors--some involve the polarity of sync and some involve "where" the sync is placed--ie sync on green.

If the 160 outputs RGB-HV to a standard computer monitor, then i would guess it is working ok. If it doesn't, then there is a problem with the 160. BUT just because it does, doesn't mean it's compatible with everything in the world.

My suggestion on the other thread was for someone with a scope to look at the polarity of signals and the amplitude and see what the difference is between the 160, and another stb which works... Maybe some one can do that from this thread.

My 160 is not here yet (ordered last Thu from Ultimate Elec), but i plan to connect it to my *** fp, via the bypass in the Rock... Hopefully it will work.

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Samsung Engineer is here and is testing the unit. More to follow!

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The locking up issue has not only been identified but corrected. But let me explain a bit more. The Samsung engineer brought along his development TS-160 along. Also a laptop computer. Together, he was able to correct the software problem. But wait til you understand what was the cause.

OTA Broadcasters running digital use some data called the PSIP. It is where guide info/channel info is broadcast. It is updated by some broadcasters all the time. Others ignore it except for the bare minimum. If you were in an area where the broadcaster updated the information frequently then you were an unhappy camper. The TS-160 was doing a check on this data and if it was different the program went into an infinite loop which caused the audio/video output to not appear. That explains why some people reported no problems while others were seeing it all the time.

In my neck of the woods I have alot of digital channels to select from. Hence a greater chance of this problem occurring. Others living with maybe one or a few more stations who do not update the PSIP info would see little or maybe no problems.

Case solved.

But there is more good news. The engineer will be back tomorrow morning to work on the chroma issue. So, we will have to wait another day for that. (isn't that just terrible?) (grin)

I must publically thank Samsung corporation for the support already shown. This has been an awesome display of support. I bow to them.

So, again.....we must be patient. Hope everyone is happy with these reports as I am. I actually saw the fix in place. I tried to make it freeze and I could not.

So, once we have the chroma issue dealt with we can then proceed to wait stage 2 which requires that Directv be involved.

:) Stay tune :)

And to those who want to flame me about my podium piece late last night... ok. I deserve it. I had just driven 200 miles and was tired. Ok, so Im not a truck driver. hehe

(sheesh, now one wants to talk for fear of my wrath) Come on guys. Have fun.

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Great news indeed!

Kudos to you and Samsung both for your efforts. Seems that Samsung has really stepped up on this one.

I have no doubt now that I will be keeping my TS-160 (and the SIR-S75 I bought along with it).

Hopefully the cooperation required with DirecTV to get the firmware update distributed (when available) will be prompt.

Thanks again Rees...
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Wow, imagine that, a company listens to customer complaints, immediately sends out an engineer to address the concerns, and the problem gets solved quickly. Am I living in a some kind of Bizarro world where this can actually happen?! Mega Kudos to Samsung, hopefully Santa will be good to me this year and bring a SIR-T160 to me! Great job Rees

The quicker all the software fixes get to DirecTv the better, maybe then there will be a delay for QC purposes but it is clear that Samsung is not holding back on addressing the issues.

I am curious how the red push is fixed, at what point do you say it is no longer "pushing" Is there some objective way to calibrate to the right level on the unit?

All the best,
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I suspect it takes normally 60-90 days for DirecTV to allow a firmware upgrade to be sent through the system. I sincerely hope that this process is shortened this time, but clearly there still needs to be some sort of QC to ensure this doesn't worsen other things or cause unforeseen problems.

Maybe it will be in time for an Xmas gift.

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