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Buying high end gear  

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I just wanted to put a thought out there and see why it may be a good idea or crazy. I've been doing a little research on the subject of a high end PJ system for about 6 months. This has not been an obsession since I have so many other things on my plate but I think about it a lot. This is the question. Why don't dealers who have some of these very expensive systems installed seem to be able to get or have the desire to get you into a clients home to see them. Maybe it is just a different mind set but if I got a request to see what a CRT stack looked like, as an example, I would be glad to give a demo . This just seems to make good business sense to me and I'm just not comfortable forking out obscene amounts of money like this with only reputation or specs to sell the product. I've had folks like Alan tell me that I could fly out to NY and I appreciate it but there are 35 million people within two to three hour drives from here so I'd think this isn't an outlandish thing to expect. Am I right or am I right here:D

Give me your thoughts.

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Hi Art,

I can see retailers customers being wary of having strangers come to their home. It happens though alot with custom installers because they usually operate on a referral only basis so getting them to introduce potential clients to existing clients is alot easier.

A good installer should be able to show you their own setups in their showroom.

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I can get you into a home with a 15 foot wide stewart perf screen Nec tridigital 3 chip (not black chip) in the NJ area.
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Art:Custom Installers like ourselves do take clients to existing installations, but we try to keep those intrusions to a minimum, unless the existing client really enjoys having strangers over. Of course many of our high end clients are very private and don't want anyone to know what they own, for fear of theft. We try to work from our showroom. If a serious client wants to see something we don't have set up, we'll try to get one.
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We did an installation for one of the princes of Saudi Arabia. You're welcome to fly over with us the next time we go if you like. Just make sure you don't get caught with a copy of Playboy in your suitcase or you might get beheaded while you're there. Otherwise, they're very hospitable :D.
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Its very common for high end store to take new clients to in progress projects and finished ones. Most clients love to show off and know that anyone who comes into the house via the CI company has been looked over to make sure he/she is serious and has the cash. This is a common procedure but not one that is talked about much on the web.

When establishing a relationship with a new customer we show them every aspect of the company. From the HT showroom to the Crestron equipment that runs the whole building to the computer server that is built into one of the racks that has extra gear in it. We show finished work as well as in progress and testing of equipment and warehouse/offices.

If you drive up in a Yugo your probably not going to see the full aspect of what some of us really do.

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This is encouraging ,but I need someone in the midwest rather than the middle east to give me a demo!:)

It just seems like it would be more common. When I was in the planning stages of the castle which is the home my ex-wife now lives in, builders had no problem taking me to some of their homes to see the kind of work they did. I just thought that the same for the high end HT people also would make sense.
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I would agree that it can be a significant privacy issue, especially when you start looking at the people who afford such systems. Me personally, I would probably be OK with a screened customer demonstration or two, but that sort of thing could get real old, real fast if you know what I mean. I sure as heck wouldn't want the dealer calling me all the time asking if he could bring potential customers in my home. But that's just me. Perhaps after you install your system, you can volunteer to open your home to strangers. It's kind of a big favor to ask, to bring strangers into someone else's home, so I am certain it's not one they care to exercise casually.
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I think we all know what I'm referring to here. This isn't that one chip DLP sale! This is that system that they don't have in their showroom since they can't afford to keep it there. I'm talking about the magnitude that you just don't see all the time. I saw a stacked pair of 9" CRTs and a Snell an Wilcox Interpolater ( thanks to Ken Whitcomb and an unnamed client). This was installed by Sound and Vision in Orland Park IL. I don't consider myself someone who is casual or would not respect the clients home. If I have a good relationship with a dealer or installer I wouldn't want calls all the time but perhaps a few a year shouldn't be an issue. The builder that showed me his work later got a gigantic contract to build a home( based largely on the workmanship I saw).

Maybe it is just me but how else are we going to see these things or are you folks comfortable with just going with a review?

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Well, I'd say that is proof right there that they do sometimes show installed systems in client homes. And as far as the hazards of doing it, well, that's also in your post, because it would have been very easy for you to say "thanks to Ken Whitcomb and Jimmy Ray Robinson over in Cedar Crossing Estates". Now of course you didn't, and you're apparently not the sort who would do that, but hey, you'd never know til you either got burned or don't get burned.
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Hi Art
I think numerous installer's would be happy to show off their Elite installations but these systems are far and few across the country.
Most established companies have one or two of these in their resume.
While I sell these systems I have yet to install one in my home town. All our Ultra high end systems were out of city and out of state.
Myself and I'm sure others are more than willing to show you some of these machines in action but at least for myself I do not have anything in your area. Your request for that really narrows the pickings.
There must be someone in your territory.
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If you're going to spend that much, I don't understand why you wouldn't set aside a weekend, fly out to see a system, and eat the cost of the trip.

I'm sure your time is valuable, but its not like you'd be going for a root canal - this would be fun!

I used to have folks come from NYC to my house to hear the $15K speakers/$40K system I sold. They would spend a whole day doing it, and had a good time. You need many hours to understand what you're experiencing.

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You may remember this gathering from a couple of months ago:

I had so hoped that Art would hop a flight over here to Phoenix and see 500 CRT ANSI lumens for himself, but he must have been busy doing root canals! We would cheerfully set this demo up again over Thanksgiving or the week after Christmas if Art wanted to visit...... :D
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