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"Hitachi best RP set I've reviewed" SGHT  

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In the November issue of Stereophile Guide to Home Theater Thomas Norton reviews an Hitachi 51SWX20B. While the review is extensive and by no means calls the Hitachi perfect it is a ringing endorsement. I just thought anyone looking for direction might want to read it. I have paired mine with a Sony HD-200 receiver and I now have the best picture I've ever seen short of a 9" FP. This thing is truly amazing:)

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Is there a link to this magazine site and the review?

That's one of the only magazine I don't subsribe too...

Is it worth the subscription?


I was following your delivery problems.

As you might know I received my 65swx20b last Saturday. The TV had to be split to be taken down a short flight of stairs. The delivery guys were very nice but not what you would call the brightest. I had to split the TV because they couldn't figure it out and then I had to stop them twice from tearing wallpaper or hitting a wall.

The end result was the bezel around the glass got scratched and (no fault of the delivery) the cloth speaker cover is very messy and needs to be replaced. I called for service and was refused. They told me to call the store and get a new TV sent out. I called and told them the TV works fine and I'd rather just have the items replaced but they refused and are sending a new one out next Friday.

Now I need to take off the front door and move all the furniture again.I like customer service but this seems rather extreme don't you think?


If your called the store MGR and explained the situtation to him, I am sure he would call the service center, have them stop by and take care of it.

CC policy is to swap in the first 30 days (return policy) and then service after. They are great about swapping sets after 30 days in the event that it makes sense. (like if parts are six weeks away, or they can't fix it in a reasonable time frame ect...) But, they somtimes take things too far. The customer service person only does what operation procedure calls for, but by no way is the system locked. They will attempt to bend over backwards for you if needed.


Why don't you remove the parts you need like the bezel and the speaker grill and swap them with the parts on the new set. Do it in the driveway, and you don't have to split the tv, or move any furniture either.

If your happy with the quality of the set you have (focus, geometry, greyscale ect..) it's a safe bet to keep it. Your problems are cosmetic and can be fixed if needed, which I would think is easier.

You seem handy and capable to do it yourself, or call and have a service tech do it.

Good luck - MIKE
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Hi Mike, I just responded to your PM but I'll post here also. Sterophile Guide to Home Theater, obviously produced by Stereophile, has a website but the new issue isn't even up yet. This and The Perfect Vision are ,IMHO, the best Video magazines available and well worth a subscription.

As for the TV I have a 65XWX20b being delivered on Saturday. The people at Circuit City were more than helpful with the situation. Since my last post the TV has performed wonderfully. I also purchased a Sony HD200, now I'm in pig heaven. The only shortcoming I could find with the Hitachi were the stretch modes. Well the Sony (actually a repackaged Zenith 520) has it's own stretch modes. I now have the Sony convert everything to 1080i and send to to the TV in "Panorama" mode. The result is a pictured that is BETTER than my neighbors ISFd Pioneer Elite 720. This thing is absolutely fabulous, even local channels over DirectTV look good.

I have a D-VHS recorder coming that will pair with the XWX and that will complete the video side of system. When the "fun fund" recoveres I can return to my never ending obsession with the audio system.

Other than a large screen front projector I can't think of a thing I would change at any price. I was watching football yesterday and my Pioneer owning neighbor came by, looked at the screen, and said "Holy ****"!

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I also purchased a Sony HD200,
Nice huh...

Running it with DVI? Or component?

I was wondering if there was a difference myself.

I hooked up the D-VHS to the XWX sunday... WOW!!

Better than anything I've ever seen on an RPTV display. Must be a combination of the bit rate of the D-VHS which is 28.2MB VS. the Top broadcast bitrate only 19.2Mbs and the quality of the Hitachi XWX.

Honestly, I am no newbie to RTPV's and picture quality and what my eyes saw was head and shoulders above everything else I have ever seen.

It totally smokes my fully Tweaked SWX without contest.

Anyone know where to get D-VHS tapes? Cheap?

Sounds like your going to have quite the system. You must have made some kids day at CC buying all of that.:D

Good luck and happy tweaking...

PS: I just subscribed to the magazine. I now think I get everyone possible:D I do love Perfect Vision. They are the most honest with thier reviews and unbiased from advertisers. I love when Products get bashed, and you don't read much of that anymore. Perfect vision seems like the only magazine willing to review mediocre and sub standard products and label them as such. Other magzines either don't review them, or sugar coat the reviews.

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I am close to buying a 65" Hitachi. What advantages are there in the XWX vs. SWX? Thanks.
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XWX has over SWX:

IEEE1394 in and out
better deep black anti glare screen
integrated HDTV tuner with MMC upradeable
Dolby Digital and optical digital output

Much better looking cabinet and overall look of the set.

I heard rumors that the VirtualHD in the XWX is 2cnd generation but it performs equally well to my eyes as the SWX does. Both excell at this.
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I am seriously considering this Hitachi. I have read the article and yes it is a true ringing testament to a great RPTV....you seldom read one that gives out that much praise. I am still deciding between the Hit and a Pioneer SD533. I guess that if I use a STB like the Hughes e-86 I would not need to worry so much about standard 4:3 stretch modes. I could just let the Hughes upconvert it. Hey Mfusick..dont mean to bring up a possibly sore subject but you appear to me missed by some over at the Spot. What did you do to get banned over there anyway. ??

Some proponents of the Pioneer say its great advantage is that it does
480 natively while the Hitachi does not.
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Ken: When you have your HD200 connected to the set using the DVI-HDTV input, can you use the set's picture setting adjustments (contrast, brightness, color, tint and sharpness)? The XWX manual has this note on page 18: " The connected digital output device controls the DVI interface so proper set-up of device user settings determines final video appearance." Does this mean that the set's picture settings don't function when using the DVI input? Dick
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It means they lock I think.
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Dick, the adjustments are all available and active. I will say that using the DVI connection makes a difference. Not so much in clarity but it tames the picture down quite a bit. When using components the picture was good but it seemed "hotter" for lack of a better term. Everything seems more natural and under control with the DVI.

I'm obviously having a hard time putting it into words but one of my original concerns was that the colors seemed out of control. I was turning the color control down almost too far. This got better as the set broke in but when I hooked up the Sony 200 everything just looked "right".

Burke I think I would look at the new Sony, Zenith, or Samsung decoders. The Hughes is now a generation older than these new ones. If you go over to the hardware forum there is a wealth of information available.


PS Dick, you have a pm.
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Originally posted by Ken Stokes

Burke I think I would look at the new Sony, Zenith, or Samsung decoders. The Hughes is now a generation older than these new ones. If you go over to the hardware forum there is a wealth of information available.


PS Dick, you have a pm.
I have the Huges E-86 and think it sucks. I'd sell it cheap if I could. The new Sony, Zenith and Samsung are good. The Sammy comes in three flavors, the top flavor have DVI, 1394, and Component. Seems best if you have 1394 on your set and a D-VHS to get both if possible.

PS: I PM Dick all the time, I don't think he can respond well on his 19" TV and his WebTV box.;)

Soon he'll have and XWX may be.....:D
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Originally posted by Mfusick
Where is the link for the magazine and the review?:confused:
You can actually download this article at Hitachi's web site now...

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What do you think sucks about the E86? I don't have any HD sources yet and was considering this unit. How cheap would you sell it?
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I tell you what,I bought my 51swx20b last Nov.Had it ISF'ed by Randy Thomlinson (who reviewed the 57swx in The Perfect Vision mag.)last Feb. This set continues to impress me.The longer I have it ,the more I love it.The colorimetry,the blacks,the detail in the blacks,fantastic!I don't have HD yet.I'm waiting to see what Dish NW will have as far as programming in the near future.I can't spent $700 for the hd receiver only to get 4 of 5 hd channels.DVD's look outstanding.I compared my set to a friend 55" Mits that has been ISF'ed.The Hitachi looked noticeably better.He agreed.Also the off-axis viewing angle was better on the Hitachi.
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I never knew you had your Set ISF-ed by Randy Tomlinson...

I always thought you did it yourself because you seemed so proficient in tweaking.

Randy was the one who wrote this review:

"The 57SWX20B is my current favorite of the RPTVs I've reviewed, and I feel confident that this set, when carefully calibrated, can hold its own, picture-wise, with any similarly sized competitor, regardless of price. As I made measurements and dug deeply into the service and convergence menus, I was greatly impressed at the unusual yet effective way Hitachi has designed certain technical aspects of this set, including the very obvious efforts the company made to improve last year's model. The 57SWX20B may not have the best-looking cabinet, but its overall picture quality is definitely among the very best, and at a price I consider a bargain. "


You still happy with it?
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