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Celotex sound board from home depot ?  

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Has anyone tried using the Celotex soundbaord that is sold at home depot instead of theater sheild? It is only $7 per 4x8 sheet. Seems like it's about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch. This could easily and cheaply be doubled. Couldn't I tack this to the walls and cover with GOM cloth and get a similar result or am I way off track?
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Polaris freak,

I was just at the Home Depot today looking at the sound board by Homasote. It says its a sound barrier but it only has an NRC value of .20 so I assume it would be good for blocking sound from coming in or out of your theater but not for accoustically treating your HT interior. I didnt see the specific board you mentioned in Home Depot today but I would stress that you should either call the company or check out their website to see exactly what it is ment to do. If it has a low NRC rating then it may just be intended to be a barrier and it wont condition your rooms acoustics well. I did however see a HT install out there on the web where someone used acoustic ceiling tiles screwed up on the wall to deaden the HT front wall. You can buy acoustic ceiling tiles cheap and they have NRC values of .55 and higher. Of course you have to cover the tiles with acoustically transparent fabric or hide them behind curtains etc. I am currently looking for solutions to deaden the front wall as well and considering using acoustic foam behind curtains but you gotta shop around for good prices for the foam cause it can get up there in price. It is however more effective at deadening the sound with NRC values of .80 and higher depending on the thickness. Good luck.

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I could be wrong, but I think Scott Vonhof used the Home Depot sound board in his theater:

I plan on using this as well. Although it doesn't absorb quite as well as the TheatreShield product, I actually prefer some amount of reflections because I have Magnepans, and musical performance is a higher priority in my theater than absolute dead-center surround sound steering.

It also solves the problem of finding 1" plywood! Now I just have to figure out what thickness of plywood I really do need. I'll probably get just enough so that I can put a 4oz batting over the sound board, for at least a little cushioning.

Scott, what did you choose?

- Chris

- Chris
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There is a commercial treatment board called Tectum which is available at your nearest acoustic ceiling supply house. It is a little more expensive than the Celotex that is being discussed. It is specifically used for sound treatment.

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I wondered about the regular egg crate foam too, but does it have the same acoustical properties as acoustic foam? Is the acoustic foam treated with something or is it just about fire retarding properties and such? I can get my hands on plenty of the regular stuff no prob.http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/confused.gif

Gonna name my HT "Tooth and Nails" for the battle my wife is putting up against it.
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I used the soundboard between my walls and under my sheetrock for sound control in & out of the theater.

I am still having a hard time figuring out what acoustical benefits you would gain, if you attempt to use this as an absorber inside the theater. The acoustical behavior of the Celotex material is much, much different from TheaterSheild +. The TS+ is softer and would certainly not reflect sound as easily as the Celotex. Remember you want absorption below ear level and absorption above ear level.

The problem with open cell foam all the way around is that you will make the room too dead. You'll be straining to hear dialog and the bass will be straining to be heard.

My roll of TS+ was about $300 and very well worth it, in my opinion.

Your milage may vary.

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I figured you were using the sound board as a barrier and the theater shield to condition. Makes a good combo I bet. I looked at your site on the web. Nice theater. I called the Celotex company today to inquire about the sound board specs and guess what? They sold that product line to a new company. So I called them and they don't have the specs up on their new web site yet. However the sales guy ( Bill ) said he'd send me some info on it. Ill post the specs here when I receive them.

As far as the foam goes you're right of course. Too much foam would give a dead feeling to the room. I only plan to use it on the front wall in a live end dead end type setup.

The theater shield + sounds like a great product but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Does the company have a website? I see the product mentioned in this forum all the time but I cant seem to find a dealer in the Jersey area ( or anywhere for that matter). If you have any info on this stuff it would be greatly appreciated.

Gonna name my HT "Tooth and Nails" for the battle my wife is putting up against it.

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"Gonna name my HT "Tooth and Nails" for the battle my wife is putting up against it."

Maybe it's easier to start first with a new wife who's into HT.
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OK before I say this let me say that I do make a very good living and have plenty for my wants and needs. It's just that I love to save money and I love to do things myself. Why not use egg crate padding on the walls behind curtains instead of acoustic foam? It is open cell. Sure seems like it would work very much the same. Any comments?
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Has anyone found a good, readily available alternative to TS+ ????

-- Cain
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Chrispy, yes, I did use the stuff from Home Depot. I didn't know who made it though, since I didn't buy a whole pallet worth and they don't seem to label the sheets. I have not heard the sound with any speakers yet since I don't have the electronic equipment yet and I have not finished all my speakers either. I used 3/4" plywood for my furring strips, and since the sound-board is 1/2", I added the 4oz batting. I have not tried covering it yet since the bottom fabric is not here yet (as of 7/15/01).

Scott Vonhof
Scott's Site: DIY Speakers and Theater
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CV63, you can find the TheaterShield+ info here: http://www.jm.com/insulation/product...d_HIG_1183.pdf
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Chris, Thanks for the link.

Gonna name my HT "Tooth and Nails" for the battle my wife is putting up against it.
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