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I see frequent glitches when playing back D-VHS tapes made from the AVX-1 through all HD decoders other than the DTC-100. The glitches only affect the video, not audio. Is this one of the bugs that's being looked at?

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There has been some basic rewriting of the code, so anything from the past is maybe a dont care.

Folks, tell me what to try to kill it. I have HBO, HDnet and PPV going.
I dont have SHO. I have a hub between the avx-1 and dvhs deck so the cabling is about 25 feet. I change channels, I unplug the sat signal, I let the deck see the dtc100 and then back to the avx-1. I pull the guide up and then back off. I have yet to make it fail or have a lip sync issue.

What else can I try to test before ....

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Try using the timer record function of the DTC100 to record and change channels.

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The timer function to start and stop deck is not in this release if thats whats being asked. This release goal is stability.

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That is not my question.

If you go into the DTC100 menu under timers you can set the DTC100 to control the JVC30 for timer record, this works like a charm with the HDVR and JVC30K for timer record OTA, the problem with the DTC100 and HDVR1 and AVX1 timer record was stability of the signal. So give it a try.

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Originally posted by h2ofun
The timer function to start and stop deck is not in this release if thats whats being asked. This release goal is stability.


Sounds like Richard had been har at work. If changing channels doesn't mess things up try disconnecting your sat signal for a couple minutes. If that doesn't mess it up then looks like we have a winner.
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Lon, Richard has already told me the timer doesnt work. He work the code.
Knows the stuff inside and out. Not going to waste my time. Hopefully timer and straight to PC will be in the next rev.

Jeff, I change channels fro HD to HD and HD to SD back to HDm havent made it fail. I unplugged the sat cable for 5 minutes. Hooked back up and synced right back. Put guide on for a while, which stops the processing, took off and went right back to working.

Again, I havent been able to get it to fail, and 99% of what I am trying is HBO. Now, we are working to get one more problemo fixed then maybe .....


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You might try stacking the three units, or, at the least, placing them close together. It would be great if we didn't have to worry about spacing among the units.

I still utilize the Radio Shack Inline Amp. I assume you have tried it with, and without, the amp.

I trust the "fix" will be compatible with the Mits as well as the 30K.
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Richard is testing with US 30k and I believe Japan 30K. I am using victor 35K. We will have to let you guys do the Mits since we dont have one.

I will go take the line amp out if I have in which I dont think I do.

My two units are next to each other. Let me move the computer next to now.

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Okay, no pad being used.

I have laid the computer right on the dtc100, with the dvhs deck underneath these. (This is never worked for me in the past. So far, no problems. )

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I consider not having to worry about placement to be a big big plus.

While a timer fix would be nice, what with the advent of the T-165 and integrated tuner availability for OTA timing, I can live with manual recording of D***.
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Timer will come, just not in this release.

So far so good still

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Now, if what I am testing now works, then maybe, just maybe, .... ;0

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Okay, looks like Richard and I just got the last bug worked out. Too late in the evening to finish up because he has to finish the docs, and I need to review.

But, to get ready, here are some things you can get ready. The process will be to link you to an update patch process. You will need to take you disc, make a gi file from recordnow max, run the patch, and then make a different disc with recordnow max. Thats it.

If you dont have recordnow max, you can get a trial version at


I would load it up now and install since its 12 Meg.

Again, I have yet to make the s/w fail in 24 hours with HBO, HDnet, and PPV no matter how I change channels, have the computer laying on top of the dtc100, etc. This looks like the real thing!!!!!!!!

So, get ready, and hopefully, if nothing else comes up, be looking tomorrow and let the fun begin.

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This sounds like great news, Dave!

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I had to call my computer nerd son to stop by to help me on Sunday. I'm READY.
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Great news Dave and thanks for all the work. I'll try this when it is ready. The one thing that I would consider HUGE is if this means that I can get recordings to my HTPC so that I can play them back through ZoomPlayer. Leszek has some new software for the HTPC that fixes up more signal issues than his old stuff, but I hadn't gotten around to trying it, yet. I'll wait for this new stuff from you guys and then try the combo.

I'm able to get short bursts to run from my HTPC now (or longer sessions with stuff from Dish) and it looks so good on my 116" wide screen with my D-ILA projector that I would love to be able to run all my 1080i stuff through there instead of the deinterlacer/scaler in the projector.

I know you mentioned that other things could be done with the AVX-1. It sounds like I might be able to use it in some way for DishNetwork stuff at some point if I decide to order that service, as well as the DirecTV that I have now. I'm guessing that this would require buying a Dish STB (or mod) from Richard if he releases one. Now that it looks like he will be free to do that

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I am not sure how the AVX-1 would be of any use for Dish. As far as I know it is simply a "stream fixer" to take care of some things unique to the DTV signal.
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Ran all night again on HBO, no problemos.

This release no timer or PC from AVX-1. Its on the list for a future release.

Now, wouldnt it be cool if one company could offer solutions that work for HD for both Direct TV and Dish? Now, any of the big boys working towards what us customers really want with all sat, pc based, etc?
This is why I ask, where are you spending your money. With someone who continues to improve what we want. Or companys that dont?

I hope today is a good day.

Now, if you really want to be even one more step ahead, take your B2 disc, and image it into a .gi file called (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!) CDIMAGE.gi
(Again, using the recordnow max program.)

Then you will ready for the patch.

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Great news! What shall we call this release, Gold 1.0?
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The release we will all be patching is 0.8B2 CD. Will be patched to 0.8B3.

Gold would imply 169time is done. They are never done giving us new features as you have and will continue to see into the future. Now, if we could just get a s/w package for a tivo function written, who needs the 921 or any of these limiting devices, we can just do it all ourselves!!!

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Originally posted by h2ofun
I have a hub between the avx-1 and dvhs deck so the cabling is about 25 feet.

Did I see you type hub? Very cool! Off to make my image file now
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I think you have a current version one ahead of what I have. Mine is 0.8.B1.

Is this going to be a problem?

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Again, the hub was for entending. I tried will all connections through it and couldnt get to work. Richard say his requests were to get the computer off from a distance, which I showed worked just fine.

Boot your CD. Right at the very end, it will tell you the version. I am not aware of anyone getting b1's but me and Don. Let me know what the screen says.

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You are correct again. My CD is labeled B1, but the version shown a boot time is B2.

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Cool. Glad it was just a mistake on the label. Now if Richard would just wake up. (He usually works way into the early mornings)

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I had a B1 when I bought the AVX-1, but a replacement B2 arrived soon afterward.
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i'm ready!
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I'm waiting with worm on tongue... baited breath
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Now, can I have a little fun. Where are the folks that have beaten me up in the past saying I am lying? This cant be done? Etc? I havent given you the link yet, so maybe I am just kidding? (One never forgets personal attacks)

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