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wow, this is too cool
for a timer recording (which i have never done in my entire life, and i just turned 46) , could i just tune to the channel i want on the dtc100 - leave it on - leave the house, and have the 30000 tune to I-2 and start at a prescribed time??
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First burn of CD... The avx-1 didn't recognize the CD as a boot disk???

Any help??
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Danny, yep ( I just turned 46 two weeks ago.)

BRmorgan, put down your steps by step. ALso, what h/w you are using.
Did you see the patch successful on the PC screen?

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I ran UDB3D.exe and it finished succesfully. Next I opened RecordNow. Then I dragged CGIMAGE.gi onto the "Folder or file on disk" column of RecordNow. Next pressed F6 to record. Processed finished in about 5 minutes. Inserted disk into avx-1 and rebooted.

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If anyone has the available time can someone post step by step instructions for the computer illiterate like myself, something like patching 169time software for dummies.

Anyway if not I will just order the disc from 169time.


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The size of my post update CDIMAGE.gi file is 144,838,808

Hope this helps,
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My burner is a Pioneer 104 running on a dual Athon MP motherboard running XP professional.

Hope this helps,
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This is what happens when you let the all knowing try new stuff.

If I would have taken CDIMAGE.gi and imaged on the boot disk it would have worked.

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Lon, I have basically posted all the steps. Where are you running into trouble with? Post your step by step of what you are doing and I will try and help until RIchard gets the docs done. I thought it was better to get out than wait for these.

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Brain, are you up now?

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I downloaded Stomp product, I put the 169time CD in the burner and could not get to build global image.
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I am still waiting for "Deceived" to finish so I can play it back and see how it went. So far I have had 11 resyncs. This is probably due to the heavy rainstorms out here in Sacramento :> Hopefully I can start watching the movie around 3PM PDT. Unless I get sucked into watching the end of the Masters....

I like the resync count. It would be nice if the output did not scroll. How about if only the resyncs or other errors were logged to the screen? Probably much lower on most people's lists of priorities.
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Yes, It's working, It's working.

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Great brian.

Lon, what do you mean couldnt get to GI burn?

When it comes up, do you see you burner on the left panel?
I right click this and the second thing down is build GI

I am using 4.6 instead of 4.5 so guys, what exactly does 4.5 look like.

I am starting to get the thunder stuff here in auburn. Maybe I can blow back to sac.

So, if the signal gets messed up, it has to resync. But in the two days I have been running around the clock, the only resyncs I got were at the movie change times.

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The reason I like the avx-1 scrolling output is you know its working.

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With the avx-1 disk in the CD burner select on the main menu Drive -> Build Global Image. Then press build.

Hope this helps
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Up and running with B3!

No long term testing yet.....

My setup is a 169time Proscan 105/AVX-1 & Mits HD2000U. I continue to use my usual hookup & startup procedure. No issues. Can now change channels/inputs on the Proscan and the AVX-1 does resync and allow recording. I have brought up the guide and info and the AVX-1 comes back with no issues.

My hookup (that has worked from the beginning) is as follows:

- Proscan 105 (highest in my vertical cabinet)

- firewire cable with RF chokes on both ends

- Mits HD2000U (a few inches below the Proscan)

- firewire cable with RF chokes on both ends

- 55 inches of other gear HT gear & shelves

- AVX-1 (bottom of cabinet)

In my setup the HD2000U DVHS deck is the "common" firewire connection

I have a power control center that allows me to power cycle any of the 169time gear and DVHS gear.


Great work 169time team!

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George great. We need input on any Mits users since neither Richard nor I have one. Is it working the same, better? I know Don seemed to have a real detailed process he had to use. Does a just use it like the JVC stuff work now?

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I guess I have been lucky all along. I never had any issues with the Mits recording. I had been content to leave the AVX-1 off until I was about to record. By the way, I never disconnect the firewire cables! Having the AVX-1 connected but off never bothered playback. As I reported above, my DVHS deck is the common firewire connection (not the HDVR in Proscan).

My recording setup process was/is as follows:

1. Turn on the Proscan (it is often on already as we watch OTA & DirecTV normally).

2. Turn on the Mits DVHS (load tape). Press IEEE1394 input button if "D" is not activated.

3. Turn on AVX-1 (I have a SONY G400 monitor on a KVM + Belkin Expandview PC Video splitter and use very good shielded VGA cables). This allows me to observe setup/startup without always firing up my projector (PLV-70). When I see the AVX-1 has synched up with the video, I switch back to looking at the output from the Proscan to await the time to press the record button on the DVHS deck.

4. Press record - as long as the satellite signal has been good, my recordings have been perfect.

I do occasionally have to power cycle either the Proscan or the Mits deck to get DVHS playback through the Proscan to work.

With the new software I look forward to being able to leave the AVX-1 on for extended time for advanced setup to record. I have a slink-e on the HTPC and a nice scheduler that can "press" the record and stop buttons for me. Right now, I record only what I can be physically present to do.

Many thanks.

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George, Thanks. Having as many of the DVHS decks that have ever been produced is one of 169time goals.

I continue to look forward to others experiences. I have to admit, when I loaded it up and it just worked, where did all the fun go with pads, power cycling, etc?

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I got some mixed results. I only watched the first hour of "Deceived" before the tape ran out. I guess it was not fully rewound....

1) The audio seems pretty stable. There no noticeable dropouts and the video seems to stay in sync with the audio.
2) Unfortunately I did get numerous "glitches" on the video. Nothing too bad, but there was definitely more than 10 in the 60 minutes of tape I watched. It showed up as either a "jump" or just a sprinkle of "noise" on the picture.

I suppose it is hard to say anything definite with only one sample. There is the possibility that the bad weather around here was a factor. Although the storm had cleared up for most of the recording and I don't think it started raining again after 1PM PDT. Now I just need to record the other half of this movie so I can see how it ends
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JHL, you got exactly what you said the screen had. With the weather, you could have had a lot more. Dont think its fair to imply what you have said.
If the signal gets messed up for the sat, you are going to see it on any taping device.

Restart and avx-1 and watch the screen. See how many resyncs you get over time. Again , 48 hours of running, I didnt get any other than the shows changing. Let me know what you see. Its getting real black up here again.

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Originally posted by h2ofun
Roger, if you noticed, we put in the resync data too so you can see how many times it resyned, very very cool feature.


Thank you. This basically takes care of something that I said I was concerned about a long time ago. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to know if a tape had a lot of glitches if they always got fixed up, but with the running counter I can just look and if there are too many I can just discard the stuff on the tape (assuming that resyncs mean I'll see glitches on the tape).

I got mine up and running. I basically do a channel down on the 30k to get things rolling. I saw a sync there and then after 2 lines another one. Then I let it run for about half and hour and when I got back it showed 3 total resyncs (just 1 unexplained). I switched from HDNet to HBO-HD and got one for that. I'm still taping and it has been going for another 20 minutes with no more resyncs. I haven't watched any of it, yet.

EDIT: I see that they happen on show changes, so maybe that was my one unexplained one.

BTW: I doubt that we will get this, but I'm going to mention it as one way that I think we could get the resync data and also give Roger what he wants. Instead of always printing a new line, it could just put out a whole line if there was a resync, but just a "." with no newline every 10 seconds or so when everything is working fine. Then we would know it was running, but also be able to calculate approximately where the resync happened on the tape. So, the code could look something like this (depends on the language used):

if (no_resync_in_last second)
if (!(TSecs % 10))

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I am getting an error message when I execute the EXE. in the folder that contains the gi file and the patch.

The eroor message is:

Original 0.8b2 to o.8b3 process started.

Original version 0.8b2 image not verified.

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Just burn the CDIMAGE.gi file to a blank CDR. It can't verify it becouse you ran the patch already and the image file is now at 0.8b3.
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LJG that is either becuase the image file is not named correctly or you have already applied the patch.
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Originally posted by jrichards
Just burn the CDIMAGE.gi file to a blank CDR. It can't verify it becouse you ran the patch already and the image file is now at 0.8b3.


After I burn the CDIMAGE.gi file to blank CDR, what should I do next?
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Boot it.

You guys are good. It took me an entire day to find out I hadnt named the file correctly.

Darin, I will pass you ideas to RIchard.

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I just finished watching "Six Feet Under". It was recorded without any unexpected resyncs; there was only one. I assume this occurred when the show itself started.

Audio is still perfect. Video showed a lot of pixelation every few seconds when I started playing the tape on my Mitsubishi 1100U. Since I had recorded it on a JVC 30K, I took the tape back upstairs and played it the episode there. I noticed quite a few "stutters" and an occasional pixelation throughout the 45 minute episode. I think there must have been 12-15 overall.

This time, I think weather was NOT a factor and there is probably some other noise somewhere in my configuration. I will continue to tape some more programs to build up my sample set.

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Originally posted by h2ofun
Boot it.

You guys are good. It took me an entire day to find out I hadnt named the file correctly.


You mean I am good to go?

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