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Gateway plasma TV to squelch price boom  

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Check out this article on CNET about Gateway selling a 42" Plasma for $3000 on Monday!

Not sure what the specs are but here is the news link.

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Thanks for the post. It will be interesting to see if they're rebadged Sampo's or something similar. Sampo's are being sold by places like Costco for about $3K.

It has to be good news when a big player like Gateway is interested in selling plasmas. It should create some competition for Dell and help drive down prices even more.:D
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Any specs of it anywhere? a search on their website shows nothing on Plasma.
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The article says its from LG Phillips

"Some analysts speculated that Gateway is getting a special deal on the plasma screens, which come from LG Philips. Edwards disputed that, noting that LG Philips sells plasma TVs for more. Margins on these televisions are high, hovering around 30 percent, according to some estimates, so Gateway may just be lowering margins. "
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Today's Washington Post Business section has screenshots of Gateway's upcoming TV spots featuring a $2999 plasma (not including tax or shipping).
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I saw the ad this morning on TV and it clearly mentioned the price too. Ahhh, competition is a good thing :).

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I work there so If you guys are interested i could get the spec for you today. Today should be the first day we can sell them at my store. I just get paid off commision so you guys could contribute to my Sammy HLM507 fund by leting me ring it up for you :). I watched Star Wars Episode 1 last night and it is sweet. The only thing i dont like is the fact that it is ED (enhanced def) not HD but the PQ is extremely nice with DVDs. Even though the employee discount at gateway isn't very good half the guys at my work are talking about geting one.
However I don't have as much praise for the bose units we're selling but to each his own, I have some friends that love Bose.

I'll post the specs when i go there later today and get you guys the price for install and warranty options.
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I just called Gateway and I was told the manufacturer is SAMPO :)

total price=$2999 +149 (shipping)+ 247 (CA tax)=$3395--I would rather buy a panny.

my local costco has a better deal and I donot have to pay shipping :)
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Hmm, I was told that the we were getting them from LG electronics who basically just rebadges samsungs hardware (same with our flat panel monitors).
I'll check it out.
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I compared the specs which were published in an article referenced on this Forum a few weeks ago, and they appeared to be identical to the Sampo which, as pointed out above, has been available at Costco for some time and costs less there. Pretty much of a non-event, IMHO. Now if it were a Pioneer or Panasonic . . .
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From the j6p consumer side, Gateway's name may make a difference. More people know the name Gateway than Sampo. But for videophiles, this one looks like a nonstarter. However, it may help bring prices down further.
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Pretty much every bad plasma manufacturer is mentioned here.

Sampo, LG, Samsung...

Lets wait and see one and get some user feedback on it.

The price is irrelevant if the PQ is bad.
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I'm curious, Ofer... in older posts (when I've done searches on Sampo- 'cuz I like the cheapness of the Costco deal) you mentioned that you had intentions of purchasing one. Granted- it must have been the 1st generation model, given the timing of your post, and I'd hope (and have read) the latest Sampo offering is much improved. Why do you now consider them a "bad" manufacturer? As I said- I'm just curious- I'm not trying to defend Sampo here.
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I'm not sure I agree that the price is irrelevant if the PQ is bad. It might be for our own personal buying decisions (as videophiles). However, the more and more these second tier plasmas start to sell at and below the $3K price point, the more pressure there is for the top tier Japanese brands to lower their prices. Competition is a good thing.

If that Gateway unit retails at $3K, I wonder if it will be available online for say $2500 soon? Now THAT would be virgin territory.
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Gateway's unit is likely to be sold only through Gateway Country stores and gateway.com and Gateway's own 1-800 number. It should not show up in any other retail outlets at any price, let alone less money. It will be the same price from all the various Gateway channels, of course.

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I am pasting the 'additional specifications' from gateway web site. Can you hardware guys read the specs and give feedback about the quality ? For example , pixel pitch is 1.09mmx1.08mm. # pixels is 852x480 . Is that good or what ?Peter

Additional Specifications

• Advanced digital image processing - Get bright, flicker-free pictures with a processor that converts all15 KHz signals into more advanced progressive scan. A built-in Digital Visual Interface eliminates the need for digital-to-analog conversion.
• Dimensions: 42" diagonal screen size, 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio. Dimensions without stand are 40.94W X 25.51H X 3.47D; with stand 40.94W X 27.16H X 11.32D. Weight without stand 68.8 lbs/31.2kgs; with stand 77.2lbs/35kgs
• HDTV signal compatible: Process 1080I and 720p HDTV signals using an external HDTV decoder with RGB or component video outputs.
• Multiple audio/video connections: Versatile rear cable connections accommodate audio, video, RGB and DVI, including digital audio, VCR and DVD, external speakers and/or amplifier, external subwoofer, RGB in devices (such as computer), RGB out (external monitor), TV antenna, and DVI in (for computer or HDTV set-top box)
• 3:2 pull-down for film scan conversion: Automatically detect the right ratio for film content display
• Dual high-definition video input sources: Automatically auto-detect and synchronize the display of two video input sources to match the display on the screen
• 1280 X 1024 SXGA support: Built-in digital scaling engine accepts various computer and HDTV signals, including computer display resolutions up to 1280 X 1024 and HDTV signals including 720p and 1080i
• Picture-in-picture (PIP): Watch two programs simultaneously using picture-in-picture with four selectable window position settings
• Picture-on-picture (POP): Watch two programs at the same time
• Digital zoom modes: Get rid of black bars
• 3-D Comb Filter: For more accurate color processing
• Built-in amplifier and speakers: Internal 10-watt (5 x 2 watts) audio
• Bass extension circuitry: Option to add a separate subwoofer to enhance bass performance
• Fixed or variable audio outputs: Use software to select
• BBE® sound maximizer: Built-in processor optimizes sound quality
• SRS® sound: A built-in processor simulates surround-sound effects using only two speakers

Net weight 68.8.bs/31.2kgs (without stand) 77.2lbs/35kgs (with stand)
Gross weight 101.4lbs/46kgs

Temperature 32-104° F (0-40°C)
Relative humidity 20-80%
Pressure 800-1114hpa

Temperature (-20 - 60° C)
Relative humidity 20-90%
Pressure 700-1114hpa
Vibration X/Y/Z, 0.5G/10-55Hz (sweep), 10 minutes

(IHF A-weighted 1 meter) 40 dB Max

Residual hum (at volume max) 500 µW Max
Practical max. Audio output (at 10% THD max) 1.0 vp-p 1 KHz input 5W + 5W Max. / 12 ohm
Sound distortion (at 250 mw 1KHz) 1% max
Audio output (input at 1.4 V p-p) >1.0V p-p

Reliability Requirement
The MTBF is 20,0000 hours under operation at 25+/- 5 ° C (Half luminosity, motion picture)

Emissions Requirement
Your Plasma TV meets the EMI limits in all screen modes as qualified by FCC class B part 15.

Display Panel
Screen size Diagonal 42-inch
Aspect ratio 16:9 wide
Number of pixels 852 (horizontal, RGB Trio) X 480 (vertical) pixels
Pixel pitch 1.09mm X 1.08mm
Luminance 570cd/m2 at APL 13%

Power Source
Input voltage 100 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Input current 3.3. A
Inrush current 60 A p-p/20 ms Max.
Power consumption 380 +/- 10% Watts (at 110 Vac/color bar pattern)
Stand-by and Power Save 5 Watts Max (at 110 Vac)

Connector Types
RCA jacks for audio, video, Y/Cb/Cr, and Y/Pb/Pr
6 pin DIN S-Terminal for S-video
9 pin D-SUB for RS232
15 pin D-SUB for RGB
24 pin DVI

Video/ S-Video Signal
Type Analog
Polarity Positive
Amplitude Video 1 Vp-p, (priority S-video) Y=1Vp-p C=0.286Vp-p

Video/ S-Video Signal
Frequency H: 15.734 KHz V: 60 Hz (NTSC)
H: 15.625 KHz V: 50 Hz (PAL)
Input impedance 75 ohms

Y/Cb/Cr or Y/Pb/Pr Signal (Component 1 and 2)
Type Analog
Polarity Positive
Amplitude AV: 1 Vp-p (with sync)
S-Video: Y: 1 Vp-p, C: 0.286 Vp-p
Y/CB/CR H: 15.734 KHz V: 60 Hz (NTSC)
Y/PB/PR: HDTV H: 15.625 KHz V:50 Hz (PAL)
H: 31 KHz V: 60Hz (480P)
H: 45 KHz V: 60Hz (720P)
H: 33 KHz V: 60 Hz (1080I)

RGB Signal
Type TTL
Polarity Positive or Negative
Amplitude RGB: 0.7 Vp-p
Frequency H: support to 31 K-91 Khz
V: support to 50-85 Hz

DVI Signal
Type Digital
Polarity Positive or Negative
Frequency H: support to 31 K-63KHz
V: support to 50-85 Hz
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It only supports 480p...major turn off. It may accept 720p or 1080i, but scales it down to 480p.
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All of this info but not the manufacturer? Has anyone called Gateway and asked?

Now with Sears selling Plasma, Best buy, Circuit City, Dell, Gateway, etc. Plasma is quickly hitting mainstream. That can only mean the price will be dropping like a lead balloon.

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The specs look identical to the Sampo PME-42S6. Physically, the buttons appear to be in a slightly different location, judging by images at the Gateway and Sampo websites.
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I did call gateway yesterday and I was told its by SAMPO.
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I guess one thing going for it is that it has a built in NTSC tuner.
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Sampo charges an extra $200 for the tuner card, so the Gateway deal looks like a fair bargain, except for the Costco return whenever policy.
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Just a thought...Since you can buy these at Gateway Country stores, I wonder if other places that carry the Sampos like Fryes will pricematch. Might be entertaining to try. At the very least, it could give the intrepid haggler some ammo...
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I read that this Sampo model (PME-42S6) was a finalist in Home Theater/Best of CES. I could not find whether this was due to price or quality. I'm assuming a price breakthrough for plasma.

I'm personally in the market, but imagine the "remorse" factor would be high if buying a "bargain" brought problems down-the-road.

Does Sampo produce these, or are they rebadged?
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The Sampo 42" plasma at Costco sells for $2999 too. How does it compare with the new Gateway (Sampo-made) model?
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The Sampo and the Gateway computer appear to be the same unit, except that for $2999 at Costco, you don't get the tuner card ($199 extra).
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My mother-in-law is a Director at Gateway in Kansas City. She gave me the specs on the unit........it is a Phillips.

Both of hers will arrive in 10 days........must be nice!
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Well I'm glad I didnt buy one with the employee purchase program. I wonder if i should tell the 4 guys that ordered theirs already to cancel? I told them to wait for till the Magnolia in sacramento was finished being built so they could see the 507.
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Why so down on the Gateway? Phillips sets have been fairly well received.
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