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Indianapolis / Terre Haute / Lafayette, IN - HDTV

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Besides WNDY-DT,32, Marion/Indianapolis signing on this week, according to www.100000watts.com two other Indiana stations have just signed on. WSJV-DT, 58, Elkhart/South Bend, Oct. 30, and WTHI-DT, 24, Terre Haute, Nov. 1. If anyone has any additional information on either one of these stations please post. Thanks.

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I can confirm that FOX28 (WSJV/Elkhart) began DTV on 58-1 this week.
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Just got off the phone with the GM at WSJV-DT 58 (FOX), If you can not get a good signal or can't get them at all it's due to the fact they are running low(er) power and have no future date set to run the FCC set 671KW, so looking at the location and signal of other transmitters in the area I think they are running in the area of 100-200KW.

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10.5kw according to the sta application.
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I think part of their reluctance to increase power might be since the LP station that used to be at channel 58 moved to channel 57. I'm sure the two channels right next to each other can't be an optimal solution.
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Or the power bill:-)
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Hello everyone I have been reading posts for almost 2 years first reply. WTTV-DT Has been on for about 2 weeks. It is on 59-2 I think WXIN fox 59 just bought them.

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Have you been able to pick up WTHI-DT, 24, Terre Haute? You're not too far from their tower in Farmersburg. If you have seen it, is it on the air 24/7?

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I will try this weekend, I pickup channel 10 very well. I pickup WVUT-DT 52 on 22-1 Vincennes PBS with about 90 on the meter. I will report back after I try WTHI.

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Forgot to ask did you try picking up WTTV-DT on 59-2?

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Yes, I watch WTTV-DT on 59-2 (45-2) a lot since they started it a few weeks ago. I live on the northside of Indy near Carmel. I'm only 3 miles from the WTHR tower and 5-6 miles from WXIN, WRTV and WISH. WNDY is 17 miles away but very strong. I recently added a preamp to my outside VHF antenna and now I'm able to receive a good signal from WLFI-DT, 11, Lafayette. Their tower is near Rossville and is right at 40 miles from my location. And,no official word on this yet, but a local tv engineer believes that WTIU-DT, 14, Bloomington might be on the air before the end of the year. WFYI-DT, 21, has its transmitter in town and I was told that its new digital antenna was installed on the tower last week. Now they are waiting on the building addition to the WRTV transmitter building they share in order to have room for the new transmitter and equipment. I've heard it will be April or May before WFYI-DT signs on.

I'm curious to hear from you about WTHI, like how your reception is, how many hours a day it's on the air, etc. Whatever you can report would be appreciated. Thanks.

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WTHI is up and running however I was only able to get 32 / 44 strength with a lot of drop off. They were passing though CBS prime time programing saturday and sunday night picture when I was able to get it was on par with WISH TV. I didn't check to see if they were on after 11:00pm or not.

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Does anyone know what's going on at WLFI-DT, 11, Lafayette? It's been off the air all week.
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WLFI-DT, 11, Lafayette is still off the air. I sent an e-mail to the CE but I have not received a reply. Maybe the transmission equipment got zapped by lightning during the heavy storms on Sunday, Nov. 10. I'm not sure if the station was off the air prior to that date.

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There are some non-engineering issues. They're being worked on.
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I spoke to the engineer at WLFI last Wednesday and he did confirm that they are off air for the time being, but did confirm that they will be having their HD equipment installed and running by the end of the year!!
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Last Friday I brought my STB over to a installation I did in Albion, In. a ew months ago and we hooked up the Samsung digital tuner to the antenna. The antenna is a Lance 4 bow tie screen reflector type and the other antenna is a small radio shack uhf yagi. The two antennas are combined and feed into a Channel Master u/v pre-amp. I did receive three digital channels from South Bend dt 30. 42. 58. Another weird thing appeared and locked in was dt 12 Winm located just east of Butler , In. They have an anlog uhf 63 also. The two antennas were not cut for vhf and were not even aimed in that direction and it was still viewable. At my house I did put up a highband vhf yagi 16 feet off the ground and I did measure 200 microvolts or -14 db. behind my stb. And the signal is just to the left of the mid point arrow on the Samsung signal meter display. This is just a tempory antenna fix for now. I did find a combination highband vhf and uhf antenna and I have it now. It has seven vhf elements and 10 uhf elements on it perfect for this market. It is made by Winegard. Best to everone . John L.
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Today I received an e-mail from the CE at WLFI, Lafayette regarding WLFI-DT being off the air. First of all, I wish him a speedy recovery. He just returned to work after shattering his right wrist......Man, that's gotta hurt!! The station plans to be passing HD from CBS very soon and the station is "waiting on some equipment and doing some modifications."
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I'm not getting WTTV anymore on 59-2. Anyone else having problems or know what is going on?
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WTTV-DT on 59-2 is OK here.

BTW, WTHR-DT ch 46 is now running 1,000 kw. I'm too close to notice a differance, but the increase from 700kw, should help the fringe.
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I live only 6 miles from the WXIN tower and I've noticed over the past few days that the signal reading on my DTC100 for 59-1 & 59-2 has dropped from 86-92 to 58-63. I am not experiencing any problems, even with the lower signal, but at your distance from the tower I can understand why you would have a problem. I'm not sure why their signal has suddenly dropped like this. Maybe the engineering staff is doing some work on the transmitter and/or getting ready for their FCC approved power increase. If it is still low like this next week I'll send an e-mail to Rick Poling at WXIN/WTTV.

Larryv.....Thanks for the update on WTHR-DT. I knew it was coming but I wasn't aware that it had kicked in.....

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I just got home from work and now I'm getting the more normal readings from 59-1 & 59-2 (84-90). Whatever was going on with their signal appears to have been corrected today. Try receiving them this evening. Hopefully you'll be seeing them again.

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I just found this post. I just started to try and get DTV OTA today. Now I see why I haven't been able to get WLFIDT. Seems what you said here is that they are not totally up and going yet. Correct?

I'm in Lafayette, and trying to grab the Indy channels. Not a lot of luck. So far I can only get Channel 9 CBS. And it isn't supper signal.
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Welcome to the world of HD broadcasting or rather reception. It would be helpful if you could offer up some information on your antenna (type, height, obstructions...).

I personally live on the westside of Kokomo and have no trouble receiving Indianapolis HD. I didn't even realize WXIN had a blip until I read this thread.

You can read my antenna configuration in my signature. It is up about 12 feet above a 1 story home with a walk-out basement. I can pick up stations from South Bend/Elkhart and am looking forward to Ft. Wayne being on air soon.

Naturally, I had no problems receiving channel 18 out of Lafayette when they were doing digital braodcasting. (I think they are still off the air.) I have read in these forums that they will be doing HD by Jan 1.

Don't forget to fill us in on your Antenna. Here is an old thread I started asking about antenna suggestions. It might give you some help...

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I hope I have a great welcome into HD. So far not a lot of luck.

I'm currently running a RS VU-90 XR in my attic of a two story house on the south side of Lafayette. Without a Preamp. Thats why I think I'm having trouble with reception from Indy. I'm going to buy a CM7777 this week hope it helps. Right now I only get one channel 9. Out of Indy.
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I can almost bet you are going to need to get the antenna out of the attic and up on the roof. Attic installs have a fair amount of loss depending what type of construction materials were used.

Here is my monster install (which I promise is level despite the optical illusion in the photos):

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What type of Tripod (tower )is that ? Where did you get it? ( $$$ )

I've got a similar set-up ,using a "Antenna Craft CCS1843" (15' long) with a rotor on a 3' tripod. Would like to go with a sturdier tripod and gain a little more height.


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I had a local TV antenna installer do it for me. However, I did find in online at Skyvision. One side is climbable. It is $75.00 + truck.

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Looks like WCLJ Bloomington (TBN) DT-56 has hit the airwaves recently.Assume they are low power on an STA @ 7.1KW. If that's the case they're only throwing around 800 watts in my direction @36mi with a solid 70 on the DTC-100.
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No WCLJ here, 440w in my direction at 28 mi.
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