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Glad to see the disappearance of WXIN-DT isn't a problem on my end... I was planning to get in the attic tonight to check our antenna.

Here's what we witnessed: Last Monday (a week ago today), intermittent but tolerable breakups. Tuesday, they were more frequent... enough to drive us to the analog channel. Wednesday, signal was still there but completely broken up and unwatchable. Thursday, gone.

Appeared to me to be a slow death of vital components rather than a sudden power-down. Any input from Rick Poling would terrific.
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Interesting review of what you saw on WXIN-DT last week, DirectorBoy. I was watching the station last Monday evening and I, too, noticed a number of intermittent breakups which are usually very rare on this station.

This morning I sent an email to Rick Poling at WXIN/WTTV inquiring about the stations being off the air. I'll be happy to post his reply.

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I noticed this evening that WXIN-DT 45 and WTTV-DT 53 are back on the air. So far they appear to be fine.

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CBS-HD or just CBS-DT?

"without a trace" last night was not in Hi-def, and tonight's "king of queens" is not,

wonder if the war coverage or NCAA coverage halted the HDTV transimission?---

FYI, viewers from Detroit, MI and Portland, OR (CBS stations) still getting HD- according to the AVS forum.
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Wait... it looks HD now ("CSI- Miami"),

thank you.
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Not sure if anyone else has made this observation, but the lip sync on WXIN-DT had always been rock-solid before they went off the air last week. Upon their return to air last night, the sync was all over the place and inconsistent. I could watch a perfect sync become more than a half-second off and back to perfect again, all in the span of a minute or two. Noticed this during Boston Public.
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My fault - CBS switched HD transponders for the NCAA games and I forgot to tune back to the normal one on Monday- these receivers are not remote controlled from NY.

Tom Weber
WISH Engineering
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Fort Wayne Update....It has happened. Fort Wayne WFWA-DT 40 (PBS) is on the air 40-1 HD and 40-2 DT each showing different programs this afternoon. Enjoy.
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One note on Fort Wayne WFWA-DT 40, the signal is not that great, maybe I'm too close. I'm running two Blake JBX21WB antennas on 44" spacing, 38 ft. up adjusting Horizontal (Alliance HD-73) and Vertical (Yeasu G-550) angles the best I can get is 75-80% at 7 miles from the transmitter. The picture from 40-1 HD is SUPER. I may pull the Antennas and try my Televe's PRO(DAT)-75 with the MRD pre-amps with the weather getting warmer. The Quality of the Televe's is so much better and IF we have another hail storm like last week it maybe done out of necessity. My receiver is a Samsung T-151... yea, kinda' like computers already outdated next to the newer T165 that will decode analog and digital.

Thinking of our troops.

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Most of the HD on Channel 20 from Indianapolis is video/music. I have seen the Trackside (?) train show a few times and the audio/video is in sync.

Tonight I caught the loop with the Azela Trail in Mobile, AL and the sync was disturbingly off. Maybe some tweaking is in order.
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Anyone know if WLFI is going to get to HD by the final 4?

I live in South Lafayette, and with an attic antenna and amp I can get CBS from Indy but it is sometime good and sometimes not. I can also pull NBC and FOX from indy but they come and go Reciever won't stay locked. So I'm really hoping for WLFI since I can pull it without a problem from Rossville. Just want my HDTV.
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A few weeks ago I contacted WLFI and was told they hoped to be up with HD in time for the NCAA Final 4. If you'd like to get an update contact the engineering supervisor, Carl Booker, at www.cbooker@WLFI.com . When you get a response please post it here. Thanks.

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I also checked with WLFI a few weeks back and was told that they were hoping to have HD working by April. I haven't checked again. I am looking forward to the change. I am outside West Lafayette and have a roof top antenna with pre-amp. I get 45, 46, 11,and 25 very strong. 9, 32, and 20 come and go. I bet if you moved your attena from the attic to your roof, you would get Fox and NBC consistantly. I am probably 30 miles further out and rarely loss them.
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Well I emailed and here is the reply I recieved.

"Mr. Rogers,

I'm sorry to tell you that the equipment needed to broadcast HD has not
arrived yet, so it's not likely to be installed real soon. However, our
Standard Digital channel has been up and running continuously for several
months now. Thank you for your interest.


Carl Booker, Engineering Supervisor"

So it doesn't look like WLFI will have HD for the final 4.
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Silly Rabbit,

Thats great you get such good reception from where you are. I'm tying to find a good way to mount a antenna on my roof. Then I hope to get better reception.

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Hello - first time poster here. I have noticed from some previous posts that PBS channel 20 in Indy is transmitting some HD programming. I looked at my programming guide ( I have a Samsung TS 160) and I do not see a channel listed for it.

I'm receiving other HD programming just fine - HD Net, OTA stations such as channel 8-1, etc. I don't show anything similar for channel 20 though on this menu. I live just north of Indy by the way - Noblesville area.

Does anyone have any thoughts, information, etc? Thanks in advance...
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Welcome, indyken. Yes, WFYI-DT (21) has been broadcasting HD material for a few weeks now. I live near Carmel, about 6 miles NE of the WFYI tower, and my signal from this station is weaker than from the other DT stations and I'm using an outside antenna. You didn't mention what type of antenna you are using. It sounds as though you are letting your STB remap the DT channel numbers, so you should find the HD programming on 20-1 or 20-2 (I'm at work now and I forget whether it's subchannel 1 or 2) and a simulcast of analog Channel 20 programming on 20-2 or 20-3.

Make sure you have a good antenna with a good connection and that it is aimed properly. I've found that moving the antenna just a few degrees can be the difference between a strong signal and nothing at all.

Good luck finding it and let us know how things work out with WFYI-DT.

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FYI.......Some of you may have already seen this post here at the AVS Forum website, but I thought I would share it with the Indiana crew. This AVS Forum member has a great post which will calculate all the TV stations in your area (up to 400 miles) and tell you according to your exact house address which direction to point your antenna for various stations. At this same post you'll find links to other websites where you can locate the numbers needed for your location in order to calculate your particular figures. Good luck and I hope this might be helpful to some...............

First go to this post......


The first post there is by "dswallow" where you'll find the program for calculating the stations in your area. But before you can do that you need to know your coordinates (latitude and longitude). To figure this scroll down the posts to the one by "mark_la" where he's posted the link for this calculation. Use those figures and go back to the first post and plug in your numbers. Also at this first post you'll find the link to figure the magnetic declination figure for your location. (I figured mine to be -3.47. I think it's fairly close. At least the calculations seem to work great with my rotor readings. If I'm wrong,for the Indy area, please let me know). Good luck. I think it's a great tool for finding stations and knowing where to locate your antenna.

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Thanks Gold, I'll move the antenna a bit. It's an outside antennna by the way, a Winegard Deep Fringe with rotor. And yes, I have never done anything with the receiver, the channels like 8-1, 8-2 just appear on the menu when I call them up. I didn't realize until reading some of the posts here that the stations are broadcasting with such low power signals - that's helpful infoirmation. Thanks again, I'll let you know.
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I live in Noblesville as well, south side off of 146th street. I get 20-1 at fairly high strength (80+, all other major digital channels at 100%) with a set of cheap-o RCA rabbit ears and a Hughes E-86. Make sure you rescan for the new channels, if you have not already done so. I don't think they will just appear in your guide.

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Here's some good news for people receiving WSBT-DT (Ch 30) from South Bend, IN. I got an e-mail from their chief engineer who reported that their PSIP generator is fixed, so it now shows up in your EPG as 22 instead of 30. Also, he said that they are getting ready to start sending programming information via PSIP.

Finally, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but WSBT-DT's HD signal looks tons better. I'm watching the Connecticut/Texas game and it looks great, with negligible motion artifacts.
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Tom Weber (or anyone else),

Will the Michigan State vs Texas NCAA game be broadcast in HD tomorrow??? It should since there are no other games to multi-cast now, correct?

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Thanks Swegrzyn, we'll try that. I actually am north of you in Arcadia, to be precise, but if your getting those type of results with a pair of "rabbit ears", I should more than make up for the difference with a deep fringe antenna and elevation gain - I hope... Thanks again.
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As you can see by now, we are doing the Texas-Michigan St. game in HD, and I came in to crank in the 5.1 surround as well. So far I can't tell much surround content, but it may just be that it's surprisingly subtle (a first for television ).

Tom Weber
WISH Engineering
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Tom Webber: GREAT JOB! Please keep up the good work. Picture is unbelievable.
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Great picture quality with 5.1 surround sound, you did it.
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Nice work on the sound and the games...
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Looked awesome! Much better overall HD production than last year's HD games IMO.

Unfortunately no Indiana or Big10 teams to root for in the Final4 though :-(

Thanks Tom!

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Originally posted by Tom Weber
As you can see by now, we are doing the Texas-Michigan St. game in HD, and I came in to crank in the 5.1 surround as well. So far I can't tell much surround content, but it may just be that it's surprisingly subtle (a first for television ).

Tom Weber
WISH Engineering


Great job. The picture quality was quite good. I do agree with you on the 5.1 surround comment. I noticed that my receiver/amp unit indicated 5.1 surround but I sure couldn't hear it. Yes, if it was there it was very subtle indeed. I switched to HBO-HD to make sure my unit was working and I sure could hear it from that source. Anyway, thanks for the great HD picture!

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Wow, Tom Weber - great work, that was beautiful. I can't wait to see your efforts for NFL football this fall, that was my prime reason for buying the Hitachi that I have.

Thanks to all there at CBS and to yourself Tom for bringing this to us.
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