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I just received an e-mail from the CE at WLFI-DT, 11, Lafayette, stating that he plans to have the station back on the air today. However, he says that he has not received all the equipment needed to pass HD from CBS, but that it should be ready very soon.

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At 11 p.m. tonight I discovered that WHMB-DT, 16, Indianapolis, is now on the air. The station is operating at low power, I believe, from the new antenna that was recently installed on its old 500 ft. tower at its studio location on St. Rd. 238, Noblesville. I live just south of Carmel and I'm getting a strong 88-91 signal on the DTC-100.

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According to their FCC application, WHMB-DT, 16 is operating at 18.6 kw. with a directional antenna @ 459'. I'm 9 miles away and getting a very good signal. I noticed this morning that the station is multicasting on 16-2 and 16-3.

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I also picked up WHMB-DT last night. Here in Spencer the signal was 40-50 without me having to turn the rotor any.

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18 (11) from Lafayette is back broadcasting.

I was unable to pick up WHMB from Indianapolis (Nobelsville) in Kokomo.
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Originally posted by goldrich
According to their FCC application, WHMB-DT, 16 is operating at 18.6 kw. with a directional antenna @ 459'. I'm 9 miles away and getting a very good signal. I noticed this morning that the station is multicasting on 16-2 and 16-3.


The wind finally died down this evening,so I went out and ran the tower up to see what's on.

Locked on DT-16,but it's weak,at 40-45 on the DTC.If my calculations are correct,they're throwing a whoppin' 30 Watts in my direction.

Also picking up DT-56 with a good 76 signal.Their ERP in my direction is around 102 Watts.

Both these stations are using directional antennas,pointed in a S-SW direction.
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Max HD,

I've tried several times to get WCLJ-DT but no success. If the station is aiming its powerful (!!??) signal toward Bloomington from its tower in Trafalgar, then very little signal is going to make it to the far northside of Indy. It is interesting that you could even lock WHMB-DT with such little signal your way. Any word on when WTIU-DT, Bloomington might be hitting the air?

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Max HD...how are things. I still have my 4228 that is sitting and collecting dust. Do you know of anybody who needs one in the area? Also, I'd love to do the televes stuff, but I will need to wait until after the first of the year for financial clearance. Kids are expensive.
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WCLJ DT-56 is throwing very little signal in your direction.If you want to find exactly how much,go to www.ardman.net/ and click on the CH #,after doing a search.

I've got the Pro Range 75's back in the air now,after having the Triax 100's up for the last 2 months.They're both good,but the 75's have an edge on the lower UHF channels.Another thing I've learned is when stacking horzontally,the alignment and feedline length must be absolutely perfect,for best performance.

On DT-16,the best signal reading is 20deg further north than it should be.I presume the stack produces a better null on WPTD 16 at that particular heading.Also getting much better readings on DT-32.It's normally unwatchable with QRM from WLKY 32.Don't know what's going on there.

Jeff B,

I thought someone on here wanted your 4228.Maybe you should put it back in the air.You might get lucky.I had four nice tropo events last Jan.Ya' never know!

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I received some updated information today about WTTV-DT, 53 from Rick Poling at WXIN/WTTV. The new digital transmitter for the temporary STA (4kw.) arrived last week and they hope to have the station on the air sometime in January. Because this signal will cover only the southside of Indy, the station plans to continue carrying WTTV programming on WXIN-DT, 45-2, too.

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I realize this thread is mostly about central IN, but has anybody heard ANYTHING about the status of WEVV (CBS44) in Evansville?
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You may be able to pickup WVUT-DT 52 its pbs in channel 22 Vincennes.
I can pick it up here in Spencer about 65 miles from Vincennes.

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Some good news for Fort Wayne area TV viewers. Yesterday I found out that WANE's owner, LIN, finally received its CP to proceed with building WANE-DT on channel 31. Originally the FCC had assigned WANE-DT on channel 4. Because Fort Wayne has always been an all UHF market, and there are virtually no VHF antennas in the market, LIN wanted to keep its DT station on UHF. It took the FCC a long time to finalize the filing, especially with having to also get Canadian approval because of Fort Wayne's proximity to the Canadian border. According to the FCC filing, the station will be cranking 1000 kw. with a directional antenna.

Also, according to the FCC, Butler's application for WTBU-DT, 44, has been approved for a CP. The information indicates the station will move its antenna from the Butler University campus tower to WXIN's tower and will have 301 kw. ERP with a directional antenna.

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Interesting! The FCC's CDBS still doesn't show the CP as granted, just an extension to construct until 5/1/03. WANE's appl. is dated 10/4/02.

WTBU got their CP on 8/22/02 with expiration on 8/20/03.
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WCLJ-DT 56 which is TBN 42 Bloomington/Indianapolis. But still no PBS.

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I've noticed over the past several days that WHMB-DT, 16 has not been on the air.

An engineer at WTTV expects WTTV-DT, 53 (STA) to be on the air sometime before the end of the month.

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Does anyone happen to know if WISH in Indianapolis will be capable of passing the 5.1 audio of the upcoming Grammy broadcast, assuming CBS makes it available to this market? Hoping Tom Weber might still be around to answer this question.
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I had the same thought this morning so I fired off this e-mail to Tom and a short time ago received the following reply:

Hi Tom,
>Great news yesterday about the Grammy's this year on CBS. I read one
>of your posts on AVS Forum several months ago where you said that
>WISH-DT was ready for 5.1 audio whenever CBS started feeding it. Is
>that the case for this event coming up next month?

Tom Weber's reply:

"CBS told me a year or two ago that it would be quite a while before they
could do 5.1 channel audio. They had been a very early adopter of digital
transmission to their affiliates, early enough that they had, it sounds
like, made some long-term commitments that unfortunately limit their audio
channels. Maybe they'll surprise us with something innovative on a
one-time basis, though. Keep your toes crossed!"

Tom Weber
WISH Engineering
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I got no reply to this post in another thread, so here it is for you guys to comment on:

I bought my Samsung TS160 about 3 weeks ago and noticed my OTA ABC channel (WRVT-DT Indianapolis) has less than perfect picture quality. The picture looks like it is displayed on canvas, it has a "texture" to it around moving images. When the TS160 output is set to 1080i it is obvious, when set to 720p it is less obvious, and when set to 480i/p it is not very noticable. My TV is a Toshiba 50H82. I have this problem with both of WRTV's digital cannels (6-1 and 25-2). Has anyone else noticed it? It must be WRTV that is screwing up the signal. I emailed the station and haven't heard anything back. I went to a local Hi-Fi store (Ovation) and their expensive equipment showed the same problem.

Have you noticed this. If not, take a look at WRTV-DT when you get a chance.
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In regards to 5.1 surround sound from CBS on WISH-DT for the upcoming Grammy Awards Show, today I received another update from Tom Weber at WISH. He stated in part:

I have some technical detail now from CBS. WISH will need to spend
>somewhere around $4000 to get this rolling. It's not an enormous amount
>money, but it's unbudgeted...................
>Other CBS affiliates may need to spend more; WISH already has a 5.1
>Dolby encoder.
>We'll get the paperwork rolling in a day or two.
>Tom Weber
>WISH Engineering

.......Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we'll soon have another local DTV passing 5.1 surround sound.

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Any talk about the new spanish channel? Will it be piggy backed on channel 8 for digital? (I am hoping not.)
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In reference to MJRICHAR's question on ABC 6-1 / 25-1 in Indianapolis I just checked out Drew Carey, but it was only shown in 720p with 5.1 (per HDTVGALAXY) Since I also live in Noblesville I thought I may be of help.

How is your signal strength? The above show was locked in @ 100% and had few problems. I have had trouble in the past with erratic signal on Channel 6, only. Tonight no problem with that. I'm using a Hughes E-86, Toshiba 65", with RCA 1250 inside antenna. Real pleased with this set-up!
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May have missed the post, but The Indianapolis Star had an article this week that stated WTTV & WXIN were going to build a new facility to house it's two central Indiana properties. Think this involves moving transmitting station for WTTV within one year. If so ALL Network stations for Indianapolis will be SW. Should be great for antenna reception. Presently Channel 4 is out-of-line @ mainly due south.

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WTTV transmitter will stay at Trafalger. If it moved to Indy, it could not deliver a city-grade signal into Bloomington, which is where ch 4 is allocated.
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I noticed late last night that WHMB-DT is back on the air. From what I could tell it was off the air all week. No more watching analog signals on ch. 16 from Dayton and South Bend for my location.
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Thanks for the info. My WRTV-DT signal is a constant 93%. Am I wrong in assuming that there is no picture quality difference between 93% and 100%? If you get it - you get it, correct. There is no "in between" with digital reception. Maybe I should adjust the antenna in order to get 100% on WRTV-DT and view the results.

What is everyone else's picture quality of WRTV-DT?
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I have seen nothing but good images from channel 6. I can give you a full report after next Sunday!
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With regards to my problem with WRTV-DT, I did some toying around with the setup this weekend. I switched the antenna and saw no improvement. I exchanged the TS160 for a new one and saw no improvement. I bought an E86 to test with and saw no improvement. So, that rules out everything but WRTV and my Toshiba 50H82. I don't think it is the TV because it works fine on all other channels, and all channels go to the TV as 1080i.
I noticed that the problem only appears on SD material, usually on bright red and blue objects. Please help, any more ideas of what this is?
I'll try to take some digital pictures of it and post it.
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WRTV problems: I feel I may have the best of both worlds now. I use my UTV for my DirecTV receiver with great results (all on-screen @ 16.9) and only use my E-86 for HDTV, switching TV inputs on my Toshiba 65H80 set. Others have complained of SD problems using a HD receiver as I would, too. As more and more shows are shown in HD and you can watch them live. I enjoyed both NFL Games yesterday, one on FOX not true HDTV but did have 5.1 sound plus flipped over to Golden Globe at times that was also in HD. As a back-up recorded the Golden Globe Awards, but zapped through them using the UTV. Wife enjoyed the above, too. Makes it more acceptable to spend the time and money for Home Theater when your Wife enjoys it too! May go to the new DirecTV Tivo HD recorder when avaiable since Wife does not get to view much live HDTV working strange hours @ Hospital, but will keep UTV too even if it cost $10.00 (plus $5.00). Been so happy with the UTV receiver that I will keep it till it is no longer serviced or it blows-up! Like my first RCA VCR that cost $1,000 and weighed 48 pounds. Was worth every penny since I worked nights and regular TV went off @ midnight. Now I'm showing my age.
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No plans for the Spanish channel on WISH-DT - we have enough there already.

Tom Weber
WISH Engineering
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