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Just ordered KDP-57XBR2, need help with settings...  

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I expect delivery by the end of the week. I have been searching for info on what settings to use. I remember seeing a post about how to break in a new set but have been unable to find it, can anyone help? Also, I would like to hear from other 57XBR2 owners about any tips or hints they have to offer about setting up/using my new TV. Thanks in advance for the help, Mike
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I had the 57XBR2 last year; it's a good set (now discontinued; so hopefully you got a great buy)... but at least in my case not quite as focused as the new WV700 set, although not an XBR. Presumably you know that the XBR is 'disco' now, and that the WV700 is the higher-end RPT set as far as CRT. If you are planning to use a satellite box, such as the HD200, you might be wanting to consider the current model, as it has DVI, and the XBR2 doesn't (although depending on your subjective criteria, this may not matter to you; it does to me).

I can't remember tips or hints on last year's set (senior moment?); not sure there are any, other than reading the manual, it does no more no less. It was a good set. Hopefully you didn't pay over 2500 or so at this point.

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Most sony tips and tweaks are the same for all sony sets..

I would first buy and use AVIA....
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My dealer told me the 57XBR would be carried until about Oct. of next year. I suppose so they can sell what's left. He didn't say they would be discontinued but then why would he.

I bought one about a month ago and I've been quite happy with it. The advice to use Avia is right on. Most of the factory settings are way too high. I use the "movie" setting as my room is dark so the picture is plenty bright.

Everyone's taste is different so flip thru all the settings and see what suits you best. After Avia it takes a little time getting used to the lower settings but the picture is much better.
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lewarkmd, the 57XBR2 is exceptionally good if you receive broadcast digital channels, as it has a built-in HDTV tuner and excellent picture quality. 1080i is real 1080i and absolutely stunning.

As for settings, Sony TVs are usually set to 'Vivid' as the default, which is too bright for normal use (but looks good in a showroom). Use the Menu (accessible from the included remote) to select 'Movie' if the room is darkened or 'Standard' if the room is normally lit. You can also customize the settings in the 'Pro' option.

I also noticed that my set cut off a little from the top, bottom and sides (overscan), so after the set had been in use for a few months, I had a repairman come out and adjust it.
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How could you tell you had overscan when using the zoom modes? The 4.3 picture is blown up and some cutoff on the top and bottom would naturally occur wouldn't it?
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I noticed the overscan in HDTV broadcasts, which are by definition in Full mode. I haven't looked for or noticed overscan in other modes.

I'm rarely in other modes since I don't watch analog channels on this TV, just OTA digital broadcasts, DVDs and occasionally VHS.
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YOu should learn to do manual convergence tweaks in the service menu...

And reduce the red push with an AXIS or AXPL tweak.

Big improvements on those sets.
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