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57WV700, black bars, burn in, etc.!  

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Hi there, you guys have been very, very helpful in the past, convincing me to buy the Panny Rp-82, which looks fantastic hooked up to my brand spanking new Sony 57"

I've hooked the Panny up using AR component cables, I've got a digital HD cable box done the same, my HK amp is hooked up using composite (my old TV only had comp.), and s-video from the cable box as well (for a nice, multi-cable, everyone holding hands kind of way).

Now, here's what I'm worried about:

I've yet to pick up AVIA (will do so soon), but, just using the THX optimizer (run through component, again), I find I've got to pump up picture/brightness quite a bit, or else the black "THX" and several of the grey bars dissappear all together on the second test pattern. It's much brighter when viewed through the (chunky) view of S-video and component, but not so much that I still don't have to have brightness set above the half way line. This concerns me. (no, by the way, I haven't set the RP-82 to "darker")

I'm freakin' paranoid about burn-in, and don't want the guns to go haywire just cuz of my innexperience (yes, I'll be getting an ISF dude in a couple months once it settles).

On the note of burn in, when I watch normal 4:3 cable from the box hooked via composite, I, of course, get black bars on the sides. Again, duh, I get black bars on 2:35 (or maybe 3.1:1 - The Robe, heh) images. Obviously, when the TV is being smart in the other modes, I get a 50% grey screen which, to my understanding, prevents a sharp contrast between the black and a bright source, preventing burn-in. Should I avoid watching non-HD programming with bars on the side? My programming does switch around from DVD to 4:3 to LD to 16:9 HD etc, so I'm assuming that's a good thing, but, again, given that my brightness settings are pumped (as per my strange calibration) I'm worried I'll screw something up.

Bottom line - the TV looks AMAZING with the current settings when watching either component signal. I've set the "Pro" to have these pic/brightness settings, so I switch to "normal" for component/svideo if I ever put those on. I just don't want to break it.


Should I worry about watching 4:3 programming without grey bars on side, and watch with black given my calibrated picture settings (picture at full, brightness at 3/4)? What about >1.85:1 ratio dvd's?

Am I missing something that's making my component signal overly dark (from both dvd and cable box)?

What, if anything, -can- be done if burn-in occurs?

It's a long rambling comment, but any advice, thoughts, or snickers would be much appreciated.

wow, that was quick! doen't help, "contrast" between what? The ratio between pic/bright? The brigh setting alone?

my settings, fyi:

Picture: 32/32
Brighness: 20/32
Colour: 16/32
Sharpness: 18/32
Temp: Neutral
Clear Edge: Off
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Reduce contrast will prevent burn in.

Brightness does not really matter much
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We received our Sony57WV600 about a month ago (first RPTV). Being a newbie, the out of the box picture is so good, I really do not want to frig with it, besides turning brightness and other "torch" parameters down.
I noticed your picture setting is maxed out, if I read it right. I know they are diff. sets, but if I turned my brightness up that far the screen would look washed out.
Even the Vivid setting is to bright for us. (Unless you are watching from the balcony over looking the TV room, which is 7' above the set.
Once again, I am still new...
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...heh, I know what you mean.

on s-video and composite, yes, they look very washed out. on component from HD box and DVD, they are perfect.

weird, huh?
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Hey Sharkshark,

I got the 57WV700 two weeks ago and had the same problem. On HD component and DVD the brightness had to be set very high (26/32) in order to get a proper setting (I am using Video Essentials). My Picture setting is something like 7/32 though, not 32/32 like yours. While the picture (contrast) setting could be set higher, the picture is just too overwhelming with the contrast set any higher.

As Mfusick mentioned, the brightness value being high is not a real concern for burn-in as it is actually an adjustment for the black level, where the picture/contrast setting is a concern. The picture sets your white level on the set and can dramatically affect you sets longevity.

BTW, using S-video my picture and brightness setting are roughly 16/32 and 16/32. So, like you, I am seeing different values, depending on my connection.

Also, make sure you set the color temp to warm, the VM to off, and set the sharpness to 0/32. The picture definitely comes alive without all that crap on.

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Well, I got avia - I'm been slowly downgrading my picture settings, but they're down to the halfway point, rather than the far left the way I'd probably like it...:)

The set's exhibiting a fun, intermitent synch problem while using the component inputs, as both dvd's and digital cable occasionaly look like dubbed films, with the picture lagging behind the sound by 1/2 a second or so.

I've got a tech coming out today, but I'm not confident he'll do much. It's warrantee work, of coruse, so if anybody has recommendations for Toronto Sony warrantee guys (let alone ISF calibrators), bring em on... :)
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Be careful of the grey bars to. They can also cause burn in.
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