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yup, OTA last night KDKA was out for me. i had full signal strength but no picture. weird. it seems for some it was out and others it was not. i'll check tonight.

i too live in cranberry township and have the HD tivo and can pull the following all with a 90 signal strenght: KDKA, WTAE, WPGH, WPXI. i can also sometimes get the WB to come in but its rare, the signal jumps all over the place. i get all of this with an indoor amplified radio shack antenna


i have it placed on top of a high bookcase and never have to touch it. it took alot of experimenting to find the ideal placement. with a large outdoor antenna i don't see how you couldn't be getting those channels in this area.
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I'm in Wheeling
I'm getting 65% signal on KDKA but no picture, same as last night
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What do you think is the most cost effective HD Tuner. I get a few HD channels on cable but am thinking about getting an antenna and HD tuner for my HD ready TV. I know the antenna I want, it is the HD tuner I need that is at question.
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Tipton & Fritoguy:

I'm with you, I get a full signal, but no video or audio on KDKA (OTA). Anyone out there have any additional information as to what the problem is!!
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I just checked KDKA OTA and get a perfect picture and sound. Maybe you guys need to reboot your receivers?
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Originally posted by agtiny
I just checked KDKA OTA and get a perfect picture and sound. Maybe you guys need to reboot your receivers?

I did a "soft" boot, powered it off with the remote. No change! I will unplug and see if that helps!

Thanks for the suggestion!

PS Why is WPXI's audio out of sync and everyone else is in sync (WTAE & WPGH)?
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You could also try rescanning all your channels. I bet the problem is related to PSIP changes.
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I powered the unit down (unplugged). Rebooted, rescanned, still the same problem. Good signal, no video or audio on KDKA (2-1)! I'm at a loss.

In the rescan, it added back the channels I had deleted (13-1, 13-3, 13-4, etc.) so the scan seams to be working!

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated!
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Hmm, try channel 25 instead of 2.
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I don't receive KDKA OTA last night or tonight? Did notice strong signal but no video? Strange that others get it fine?

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Tried channel 25, same result. The receiver identifies it as KDKA, HD, 2-1 but never displays video or outputs audio. The HDTV indicator on the LCD front panel even lights up and stays on!

Now, on WTAE, who's signal varies nightly, if it isn't a strong enough signal, the HDTV light will remain off and the video outputs a big "no signal" onto the screen. This doesn't happen on KDKA. The problem doesn't seem to be a signal strength issue.
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I've got the same problem with KDKA OTA - 69% signal, no picture. I tried rescanning with no change.....

I'm using a directv hd receiver - what kind of STB do you have?
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I'm using a Samsung T165 (the one with the firewire built in). I didn't check yesterday, but the day before KDKA wasn't coming, but had at least a 60% signal strength. WPXI, FOX, and PBS had the same signal strength, and all came in properly.
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I have a television with a built in tuner. I have not been able to get KDKA the two nights either. It was very surprising because this is usually my strongest signal. WPXI, FOX, UPN, and PBS all came in fine. I can never get WTAE, so that is no suprise.

I haven't figured out how to check the signal strength yet, I will do that tonight.
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Like others have said, I'm really annoyed with WB-22. They NEVER turn on the HD (I think I've seen them do it twice this whole year, though I only watch Everwood and sometimes Smallville). I tried e-mailing the station, but I'm sure it was ignored.

As for reception, I live in Bethel Park (South Hills) and I have found that even a few degrees of direction can make a huge difference. I have a silver sensor (with pre-amp) in my attic and I can pick up most channels well if I point it to the north. If I want to be sure to get flawless WTAE, I may bump it a little bit to the NE. The others work best if pointed slightly toward the NW.

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Zyll: I use a Samsung SIR-T451 with a Channel Master antenna in the attic. I've had a solid 100% signal from KDKA since I hooked it up two weeks ago! I just don't get any video or audio with KDKA since Tuesday.

Linda4017: I agree, WTAE is the worst! I watch the signal strenght meter go from 80% to nothing in a matter of seconds. It's very rarely "watchable".

To all, I sent an email to KDKA but have not received a reply yet.
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WTAE? What is this WTAE you speak of?

(0% signal in squirrel hill with a silver sensor)
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i called and left a message with KDKA, hopefully they will fix the problem.

i don't understand the complaints about WTAE... since they upgraded to full power i've never had any problems, aside from the 5.1 surround. their signal is as strong as any of the other channels for me. weird. i would bet if you have someone moving your antenna while someone else watches the signal meter you will find a sweet spot, thats what did it for me at least.

man, i can't believe how noticeable it was with WPGH Fox during the presidential address last night... the quality on WPGH was so much worse than all the other HD channels in pittsburgh. way way worse. i'm sure the subchannel lower the bitrate some, but jeez...
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Rest assured, there is absolutely zero chance of picking up WTAE from my apartment in squirrel hill.

Since I rent, an outdoor antenna isn't possible. I've tried every type of indoor antenna in ever possible location and orientation. At best, a 5% signal strength is acheivable on a good day.

In the hilly terrain of pittsburgh, I guess it's luck of the draw... combined with the impossibility of an outdoor antenna.
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If you are having problems with WTAE in Squirrel Hill, I have no chance of every receiving it in Moon. I still have an indoor antenna, I may have to break down and get one outdoors. I am not sure I will be able to pick up with that.
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It really depends on where you are within a location. There are parts of Squirrel Hill that are much lower than others. I live really close to Frick Park (near the playground), and I get WTAE. I can't remember the signal strength, but I do get it.

Also keep in mind that if your apartment is on the far side of the building away from the tower, you're probably not going to get a great signal.
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I see that WPXI will now be broadcast in HD on the Comcast system. I'm sure Fox will be on the way sometime.

I've been reading all of the posts, and other than stating the obvious benefit of OTA is that the signal is free, what other advantages does OTA have over the Comcast signal?

It would seem that all of the problems of signal strength, getting the right antenna, HD tuner if you need one, etc., would be solved with cable. Plus, you get Discovery in HD, ESPN in HD, OnDemand, etc.

Any reason I should fuss with an antena, tuner, etc., or am I missing something in OTA HD that I don't know about yet?

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I'd say the majority of people concerned with OTA usually need it since they subscribe to one of the satellite companies or just use OTA for Fox since it is only available on armstrong.

once i found out i could get all the local stations (aside from the WB) with strong signals OTA i switched to directv for the HD tivo and sunday ticket. it all depends on what you are looking for.
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Originally posted by BHavMedic
IAny reason I should fuss with an antena, tuner, etc., or am I missing something in OTA HD that I don't know about yet?

I'm not sure what cable company you have, but many of them compress their 'HD' signals. OTA can offer better picture quality. That is, if your local cable provider compresses the signal to a lower res than your display and eyes are capable of using.

As to my previous post concerning WTAE. There are plenty of reports of people much farther from the transmitter than me not having trouble. It all depends on the surrounding hills and buildings.
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still no word from KDKA, this is a really weird problem it seems. some people are getting picture and sound OTA but others are not.


1. any new info on UPN broadcasing digitally ? (hurry up fcc!)

2. why does the PBS station broadcast program info on 13-3 instead of the 13-2 they broadcast on ? has anyone ever inquired about trying to get that changed?
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I'd be almost positive that it's a PID change issue. I have an old capture of KDKA (from my cable box) that used PID 0x0010 for the stream. From a capture I just took, the PID is now at 0x0030. 30 is also what's used by WPGH now, who used to be on 20. WPGH changed their PID within the last month.

Sometimes the cable headend will change the PIDs so this may not mean anything, but the fact that I can still receive it means nothing is wrong at their end.

Your receivers are likely looking for the old PID when it doesn't exist. There is still a signal but just no data in the old PID. That's why a reboot or rescan should help, it should get rid of the old data. I know my old DTC-100 had an option to disable PSIP, if you have that option, you could try that and tune to channel 25.
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Still no luck with KDKA OTA. This is third night. However this is what I have observed:

On my SONY SATHD300 have strong signal on 2.1 but no video. Try hard reboot and rescan but can't get any video. STB doesn't allow me to tune 25.1 directly.

On my SONY KD34XBR2 TV tuner can't get channel on 2.1 but successfully get it on 25.1.

Therefore, believe KDKA changed something in their PSIP that is not compatible with some or maybe all DirecTv receivers. From previous posts and my own experience appears there maybe an issue with:

Directv HD tivo HR10-250
Sylvania SRZ3000 (stand alone digital OTA box, non satellite)

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i have both the directv HD tivo HR10-250 and the Sylvania SRZ3000 (stand alone digital OTA box, non satellite) and can't get KDKA on either channel. no audio or video. full signal strength.

reboot, unplug, rescan, resetup, etc etc... nothing seems to work.
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I have an LST-3100A and I can't get KDKA either. I tried rescanning. That didn't work. I tried turning off the power strip that its plugged into. That didn't work either. Right now, I've pulled the plug and will leave it unplugged for about 30 minutes or so and give it one more shot.

Any suggestions after that?
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Here maybe the explanation of KDKA issue:

It's After 2/1/05, Rescan Digital Channels
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