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I was told once by a DirecTV CSR that everything on HBOHD is shown in HD.
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Doesn't the Philly area have a Comcast HD sports package (Flyers, etc.)? Since the game is with the Eagles, is it possible that they are the ones who would produce this supposed HDTV broadcast, and the Pittsburgh area will get that feed as a special promotion to kick off HDTV in this area?


However, the real debut of Steelers football is this weekend, so I don't know what they're thinking.

It says "Catch the Debut of Steelers Football on Comcast HDTV!" -- it doesn't mean the debut of Steelers football itself. It means their debut on Comcast HDTV. You can't separate the prepositional phrase at the end.
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I don't think the NFL is part of that network. I found this in an article:


Beginning in 2003, the company said it plans to offer about 100 HDTV sporting events a year on Comcast SportsNet in each of the Washington and Philadelphia markets.

Coverage will include games from the Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers and 76ers; the Baltimore Orioles; and the Washington Capitals and Wizards.
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this sounds entirely plausible. comcast sportsnet carries a lot of the philly area stuff in HD, and if they decided to allocate their resources to this game in order to offer it in HD in pittsburgh at the rollout, they probably wouldn't need an agreement with CBS, only KDKA itself. but exactly what the parameters of the deal might be is a mystery to me. the only thing i can think is that this is a sign of 1: good faith between kdka and comcast, 2: comcast being serious about promoting hdtv in pittsburgh. i'm gonna bet that it does indeed happen in hdtv, and i'm gonna go out on a limb here... i'll bet we see a deal with cbs within the year. i don't think comcast would let itself be cheated out of carrying the superbowl in hdtv in many of its major markets. they're clearly making a move to be known as the technological visionary and leader in cable, and they're obviously making a very aggressive attempt to court the high-paying dish crowd back to cable, and that means hdtv. but then again, maybe that's just wishful thinking...

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by the way, bdeluca and hondo21: please do keep us posted on your progress getting the hd setup from comcast. we're all quite curious what hardware is being used and what you'll be able to do with it in the next couple of days as the service goes live.

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I realize that the NFL isn't part of Comcast Sportsnet normally. I just thought maybe preseason is a different thing, where the local channels get involved. If this is what is happening, I wonder who the announcers would be or how good the production will be. Time will tell.
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OK, I am the new guy here so here is a little about my setup. I live off Exit 16 off Rt 28, about 20 miles from Pittsburgh. I have a Philips 60 inch tv and dropped the cable and went with Dish Network last Monday. I called Dish Shack last week and bought 6000U reciever for HDVT for $500. When I got it, it was only the 6000 unit but I hooked it up and they are sending my the 6000U soon. Right now the only HDVT channel I get is HBO. I had to call KDKA today and have them fax some info to Dish Network for me to get their eastern feed for HDTV. I should have it in a couple days. I will also be able to get more channels when I get the 6000U. I'm new to this HDTV stuff and have been reading a lot of things and now I am looking at getting a OTA. I want to get one to put up outside and am trying to figure out what to get. It looks like it will take me a while to figure all this out but it will be worth it. I'm glad I found this forum and will be here everyday now. I hope I didn't bore anyone but I just thought I would let you know a little about me.
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Welcome to the AVS forum! Good to see more Pittsburghers around.

You are in a good position to get the east coast and west coast CBS feeds from Dishnetwork, as KDKA is owned and operated by CBS, and one of the ways to get CBS-HD over dish is to live in a CBS owned-and-operated market. You automatically qualify, just as long as you're not within the broadcast range of any other CBS affiliates OUTSIDE of Pittsburgh (like, for example, Johnstown or Youngstown)... I think you're in good shape for that in Natrona Heights. There's more to read about this on Dishnetwork's site.

For more advice on your antenna, go to www.antennaweb.org and follow the instructions on what type of antenna you might want. I'd say considering your location and distance, you'd probably want to get a medium to large directional antenna on your roof pointed approximately at downtown Pittsburgh. Many people on the forum reccommend Winegard antennas, but many others opt for the less-durable but often cheaper Radio Shack yagi-style UHF antennas.

You might also just consider losing the antenna idea and getting cable from Comcast, in which case you'd have to subscribe to the lowest-tier digital cable package in order to get WTAE-DT (ABC HD), WQED-DT (PBS HD), and ESPN-HD. All three of which are not carried by Dish. Or you could just get lifeline cable for a few bucks a month and get the HD box in addition for 6 bucks more a month. You'd get WTAE-DT and WQED-DT in that case, but not ESPN-HD. You'll be able to get CBS-HD, Showtime-HD, HBO-HD, HDNet, and HDNet Movies from Dish (I think. I haven't checked up on Dish's offerings lately).

As I'm sure you can tell by now, there is no quick and easy answer. You have a lot of options but none of them are perfect (as is usually the case when it comes to HDTV availability). I think you'll find these boards an overwhelmingly large source of useful knowledge, so keep reading! And enjoy.

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According to this official schedule of nationally-broadcast NFL games , the Steelers will be in CBS's nationally-televised game only once this year. Add on two Sunday Night Football appearances, one special preseason event from Comcast, and one Monday Night Football appearance, and you've got a grand total of five Steelers appearances in HDTV this regular season. Twice in 1080i and three times in 720p. Not bad. Even if you only have Comcast's currently meager HD offering, you still see four of the five.

Of course, this is not counting any possible postseason appearances. Who knows if Comcast will have an agreement with CBS by then. I'm sure the AFC playoffs will be in HD again, as well as the CBS-carried Superbowl. I doubt Fox will have HDTV for live events implemented by the playoffs. Not that it matters to the AFC.

Anyway, here's when you can expect to see 'em Stillurs in HD, just for reference:

-Saturday, Aug 16, 7:30pm - @ Eagles (KDKA - 1080i. Possibly only on Comcast cable)
-Sunday, Oct 5, 8:00pm - v. Cleveland (ESPN-HD 720p)
-Sunday, Oct 12, 4:15pm - @ Denver (CBS-HD 1080i)
-Monday, Nov 17, 9:00pm - @ San Francisco (ABC-HD 720p)
-Sunday, Dec 28, 8:00pm - @ Baltimore (ESPN-HD 720p)

... so there it is, barring any unforseen weirdness.

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Has anybody had any luck getting CBS throught Dish Network not OTA? They say I don't qualify for the feed so I had to call KDKA and get them to fax a waiver to Dish so I could get the Eastern feed. I called KDKA all week and left messages and finally someone called me back today. He said he faxed my waiver to Dish but when I asked if it was for HDTV he said no. Then he said he would have to check on Monday with someone else about their policy on this. If anybody else had any luck doing this, please let me know how.
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Don't take any guff from those swine. Because we live in a market where the local affiliate is owned and operated by CBS, all you need to qualify for CBS-HD over Dish is to be UNABLE to receive CBS digitally over the air from any neighboring affiliate (such as Johnstown etc.) and as best I can tell, in Natrona Heights, you sure as hell shouldn't be able to pick up OTA CBS-HD from any other cities. You need to get on the phone with Dish and complain, and ask them who they think you're supposedly able to receive CBS-HD from outside of KDKA's market.

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I will gladly wash down my "crow" with an Iron City on this news. Bob Pompiani (during today's game) just announced that this game will indeed by an HD game. I took his comments to mean KDKA was producing the game & would be available to all. How far we have come in such a short time. Let the party planning begin.
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good lord, kent! i understand your hometown pride runs rampant at the thought of the steagles game in hd, but that's no excuse to drink i.c. light! not when you have rolling rock and yuengling available!

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Haha, seriously.. Yuengling baby!
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All, I just had my Comcast HD installed. It took a total of 15 minutes. The hardware they are using is the Motorola DCT5100. It does have a DVI interface. The installer said that it is active but they don't have any DVI cables. I'm going to see if I can track one down at Best Buy on McKnight. So far here are the HD channels they are offering:

Showtime Ch: 574 (looks great)
ESPN HD Ch: 773 (NOT all HD programming)
WTAE Ch: 780 (only OTA I couldn't get)
WQED Ch: 790

Doing an A/B comparison with WQED Cable/AIR, there are more artifacts in the cable but it's quite comparable, much better than I expected.

The rest of the SD digital channels are amost unwatchable in my opinion. The compression is terrible, I feel like I'm watching a streaming internet video clip on a 56K modem. Ok I'm exaggerating, but I don't know how this is touted as "better". Granted I'm watching it on a 110" screen but as proven above (WQED cable HD quality) it doesn't have to be this bad. With advances like HD, I can't understand how the poor picture quality of digital cable is something a consumer would want. I guess that for many the trade off of picture quality vs. number of channels is acceptable.

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Moving back to Oakland soon for the schoolyear and this cable hdtv has me excited. Anyone know the lowest package you have to buy in order to get the local hdtv channels and espn hdtv? Is it extra for the hdtv channels?
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JAM - I doubt the installer is right about that DVI interface being active, but let us know what you find if you get a cable for it.
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I have the sony xbr 400 (36 in set) i initially got direct tv for ota and since the digital cable looks bad. i have basic cable as well. I am now adding comcast to get abc hd. i cannot get it ota.

I have a denon 3803 reciever. how should i handle switching the component hook up to to set. should i run both hd thought the recieer and then into the set? or switch the dvd and comcast box? or just break down and get a ab switch and then be mad the pronto wont do it?

too bad i dont get wtae ota.


THe csr at comcast said that the channels look better though the new box, since i told him the old digital look bad on my tv.

does the 5100 do anything to the signal

thanks again
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I'm using only the component output on my 5100 (wife would complain if I used svid or the TV's RF tuner). The SD channels from Armstrong look OK. Analog channels 2-70 look bad but only due to the extra analog noise. These channels look better on our 2 other smaller TV's. Pure digital channels (channels 400+) look great, and look the same or better than DirecTV. I would expect Armstrong can use more bandwidth for these channels than DirecTV can use. HD channels look great of course. I only have a 55" RPTV though.
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5100 better than old digital box? how to switch hd100 5100 and dvd>, only two in on tv.
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The installer told me the DVI was enabled as well, I thought it wasn't but maybe they just enabled so I went to Circuit City and dropped a $100 on a DVI cable just to find out the guy didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully it will be working soon.
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$100?? And I thought I was wasting $15 for a Firewire cable!
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Just to make sure that I'm not crazy, but did anyone receive last nights WPGH 53 DT's preseason NFL game last night in Wide screen? I've read other threads from people in other city's that their Fox station showed it in the Enhanced Wide screen.

Also, looking forward to tomorrow nights Steeler's game in HDTV for sure. I read on the Post Gazette website that "KDKA will use Comcast's HDTV production truck to make Saturday's Steelers game available in HD both over the air on Channel 25 and on Comcast cable Channel 775.".

Armstrong cable is also airing promo spots for it being in HDTV on their cable system as well (A friend of mine saw a commercial last night). Anyone know if the game will be in 1080i since its a CBS station?
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I don't get WPGH OTA any more, but there is no way they are passing the widescreen content (unless there was some goof at the network and they sent their anamorphic feed as the main feed). Other cities lucky enough to have a good Fox station got to see it in widescreen.

Tomorrow's game will be 1080i! We'll have to wait and see about DD5.1 or not.
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weird how its legal to say in all the nespaper ads that you can ONLY get the hdtv feed via comcast........ thats just plain false right? 25-1 will show it right??
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speaking of hd football is there any glimmer of hope that WTAE will turn thier signal back up to where it was like a year ago? the first 6 months i had hdtv wtae came in fine now i get almost no signal at all..... none...... with mnf coming up i'm starting to panic...

what the heck are they playing at????
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I saw them advertise it during the sports section on the 11pm news last night on KDKA... it will definitely be available on 25. Armstrong has also been promoting that it will be on KDKA channel 102.

The PG article mentioned that it was going to be on 25.
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Originally posted by agtiny
I don't get WPGH OTA any more, but there is no way they are passing the widescreen content (unless there was some goof at the network and they sent their anamorphic feed as the main feed). Other cities lucky enough to have a good Fox station got to see it in widescreen.

Tomorrow's game will be 1080i! We'll have to wait and see about DD5.1 or not.

So WPGH definitely doesn't pass any "Enhanced" Wide screen content? Boy what a disappointment.

That's awesome that tomorrow's game will be in 1080i. I'm new to the HDTV scene, and have been very impressed with ESPN HD and MNF's HD broadcasts of the preseason. Only negative is that you kind of hate watching SD NFL broadcasts now.
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Anyone see the CBS GB vs CLE game last night on KDKA DT? It looked much better than the Fox WPGH DT Thursday broadcast. Was that in 480p or something?
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Overall a very good production! They even had the CBS HD graphics for on-screen text. The audio could have been better (it wasn't really 5.1), and the switch to commercials wasn't very smooth, but I really have no other complaints. The picture looked great and the cameramen seemed to know what they were doing. The same cameras were feeding the SD broadcast so unfortunately there was no 16:9 framing. Well done guys! And I'm happy that the KDKA bug was gone for the game.
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