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I hope some of you can give me some advise on what the best screen would be for me.
As in the subject line my projector is a Sony D50Q. I have a room that can be made completely dark, and it will be painted a dark shade of neutral grey (i read some other threads !)
Since i sit around 3 meter (118") away from the screen i do not want to go beyond a 80" wide screen. Since i plan to only view DVD's and LD's i think of a 16x9 screen.
I see on AVscience online shop a draper fixed 16x9 cineperm screen (M1300)for $450.
This seems a good price if i compare against a draper distributor in our neigbour country.

Would the M1300 be enough. I read positive messages on the M2500, but i want no hot spots or colour problems. So a M1300 seems safer. Remeber that it will cost me a quite some money to ship it back from europe, and within 10 days will not be easy for the money return deal.
So i want to buy a screen and keep it...

Thanks for any advise,