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turning screen upside down  

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I've got a high gain roll up projecta screen
and a ceiling mounted barco800 FPTV.
I've noticed the following: when looking
at the screen standing up (or even better
standing on top of my couch) i see a lot
more brightness then when i'm sitting down.
It seems to mee as though the reflectivity
is the wrong way up so to speak. So i'm
thinking about turning the fabric upside
down. Will this work is; is this a good idea?
has anybody done anything like this?
your help is appreciated

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It really should not make a difference if your screen is right side up or upside down. The materal is the same. I think what you are seeing a wrong screen angle.

I would conclude from your post that the bottom of the screen is angled out more from the vertical plane (wall) than the top. Thus the light reflection would be directed up more than at you. I get this from you saying you stood on your couch. (Ha! Sorry...Just got a picture of that and you saying to someone - Hey...Come try this.)

Anyway...I think it is the angle of your screen, not that if it upside down. Try moving the bottom of the screen back away from you seating position. I know you said you have a rolled screen, but have some one hold the bottom of the screen and move it slightly away from you. If you find this to work..Then you need to find a way to wpuld with your rolled screen.

Hope this helps.

David Bott
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David Bott is correct. Depending on the screen material you use, you may have to use an opposite angle method. For the Draper M2500, best performance occurs when your head is opposite angle of the projector.

For example, with a perfectly vertical screen, your head lines up roughly with the bottom of the screen, and the projector lens lines up roughly with the top of the screen. And you're sitting under the projector. This produces the best results with M2500. Drawing a line from your eyes, bouncing off the screen, and into the projector lens, should be a mirror angle in the center of the screen surface.

This is different for retroreflective screens like glass beaded screens - your head should be as close as possible to the projector lens!

Mark Rejhon

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I don't know the exact material of my screen
it doesn't say so anyware on the screen.
how do i recognise a glassbeaded screen?
I ask this because the reflected light
keeps increasing the closer i put my head
to the projector, wich to me might suggest
the glass beaded screen wich Mark mentioned.
If this is indeed the case, i should probably
get a new screen. I got this one virtually
for free with my projector altough it's
normal price is about $350.
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