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I just received my 72"x96" Dalite Highpower screen from (at an extremely attractive price I might add--with very responsive service). I set it up last night to replace my Bretford 60"x80" high gain (retro-reflective) that was designed for video and was very expensive 5 years ago. Anyway, the Dalite is dynamite. I immediately had to turn down the brightness and contrast on my Barco 800. In fact my reaction was funny. I thought the brightness and contrast had gotten out of wack (set way to high) and was ready for a burn in, so I jumped up and ran to the projector to turn it down, when I realized that it was just the high gain talking ;0). I see no hot spotting, only a slight vignetting (spelling?) where the center of the screen is a hair brighter than the outer edges, but nothing that would be noticeable outside of us HT types. Color shift is minimal. The increase in contrast and color though, is something I will have to tinker with. Almost too dazzling. I now notice the scan lines too, but anamophic is bee-utiful (I'm using a DVDO). Anyway, I thought I'd share this since there were lots of questions about this screen--and yes, I have a floor setup. By the way, I see absolutely NO sparkles. Upon close inspection, the material has extremely fine glass beads and the density is double or better than normal glass bead screens I've seen.