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more on perforated screens  

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Sorry, I should have posted this message with the one above...but you know how it goes with us "technoplegics".....

Recently I went to one of those super hi fi THX/SDSS (did I get this right?) equiped theaters in town during the day to get enlightened with knowledge I can use in my home theater...I noted that the large screen was perforated, but the speakers were located on either side outside the screen, not directly behind the screen, also, there seem to be no center channel! if this is so, why then must we have a center channel in home theater in most top-shelf installations? Do the perforations serve a different function other than to allow sound to go through?? It Kind of makes sense to have a transparent, perforated screen to allow good sound/picture alignment of voices etc.,.....can someone enlighten me? mucho thanks!
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The only reason to have accoustically transparent screens is to have speakers located behind the screen and still heard.

If there was no sound coming from the center speaker it would be a audio setup error, or blown speaker.

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