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More acoustic screen questions  

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I'm about to start a basement theater/rec room finish (they start swinging hammers 27 March), and I've got a question concerning projection screens.

I intend to install a 7.5 to 8 ft 16:9 screen at the "front" of a long skinny (14.5 x 32 ft) room. The front part of the room will serve as the theater, while the back portion will house a pool table, wet bar, etc. The entire room will be lit by dimmer controlled wall sconces, divided into two zones, so that the theater may be fully dimmed while the pool table area may be from full dim to full bright, depending on ...

I'am about to pull the trigger on a G1000, so brighteness should not be an issue. My question relates to mounting my center channel speaker behind the screen. Are there any significant drawbacks to using the acoustically transparent material from DaLite or others?

Another question someone might address is; what gain cloth would be best in this type of moderately controlled environment? Intended critical seating position will be dead center, 12' back, with auxillary position as much as 45 deg. to either side, and then casual viewing from the bar and pool table area 25 to 30 ft back.


John Wells

P.S. - My first post ! No more lurking!
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Hi John,

Yes, this is the right place to ask about accoustically transparent screens, and you have probably already read through the past posts on this topic.

With a bright FPTV like the G1000 you shouldn't have a problem with the 10-15% light loss due to the perforations/weave.

I got a sample piece of Drapers AT1200 material and hung it up over my current Draper M2500 screen, and it looked pretty darned good.

I then listened through the material and it sounded pretty good as well. The only big point that kept me from getting the screen was the extra cost which ranges from 3X to 10X normal screen cost depending on size and material/configuration.

I currently have a solid 120" wide screen with the center channel tilted up and it sounds great.

In my estimation, the asthetic advantages (a cleaner look) are greater than the accoustic advantages of having the speakers behind the screen.

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