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D.I.Y instruction for building a screen?  

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I am looking for information on building my own screen.I have been very interested in the discussion about using the curtain blockout fabric.I went and puchased this material at $9.50 a metre(aust) from a fabric shop, & am now in need of some ispirational advice about building a frame.Afew people have suggested timber for the frame, anyone have any ideas?What type of timber is preferable.Would pine be ok? Any advice helpful..
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I built my 96x54 screen frame using 1x4 (inch) lumber (I also used the curtain blackout material).

I purchased 1x4x10 and 1x4x6 (foot) material for the top, bottom and sides. The top was cedar and the sides were pine. I don't think it really matters, that was just the cheepest lumber I could find that was straight. (I needed the longer material for joining the sides to the top and bottom.)

Cut the lumber to dimension and made 1/2 lap cuts on the ends.

Covered the frame pieces with black felt (same fabric store) using a staple gun, leaving the felt loose on the ends.

I then assembled the frame, using screws in the corners and finished covering the corners.

Then, layed the frame face-down and streched the curtain backing. Again I used staples to attach it to the frame (needed a helper for this).

Since the material was 54 inches, I actually made the frame 96x53, thinking that I would need a little extra to attach to the frame. However, the material streched enough that I think I could have made it 54. (I don't notice the missing inch anyway...).

I hung it from the ceiling using hooks and eyes.

I project onto the smooth ("vinyl") side.

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I made mine pretty much the same way, except I used 1x2s instead of 1x4s. And I project up against the fabric side, not the vinyl side.
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Can you tell me where you got your material, any other details like the name or part no. I've tried both Home Yardage and Lincraft here in Sydney but so far can't find anything quite like what has been described in the home-made screen thread you refer to.
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Thanks Dave & Joems for your advice.I have just knocked up a frame using pine.My screen is a little smaller at 70inch x 53inch 4:3 ratio.That curtain blockout fabric stretches very well.Has anyone compared the difference between the fabric side & vinyl/rubber side for image clarity?As this is my first screen & projector ( which is on order) the screen i have made up is for demo purposes which will take place in the next couple of weeks,so if it comes up aces, I'll probably keep it & save my money for something else.
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David,just saw your reply.I purchased my material from McELWAINES here at kotara,Newcastle.I just asked to be shown some blockout curtain lining & they new exactly what i wanted.It comes in white & off white (cream i suppose).I have gone for white and at this experimental stage trying the vinyl/rubber side.good luck,let us know how you get on & what you think of it,because you might get to preview it before me.
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Before I actually framed the material...

I hung it on the wall with some thumb tacks.

Then I grabbed to bottom of the material and folded it in ~1/3 (from the bottom up), streched it tight and tacked that in place.

This gives you a screen with 1/2 vinyl and 1/2 fabric.

I now had the ability to project a movie or two on a screen that had vinyl on the top 1/2 of the movie and fabric on the bottom 1/2 of the movie.

That is how I decided which side I liked best.


(ps It was my wifes idea) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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