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Draper's Eclipse screen masking  

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I need your opinions on Draper's Eclipse masking system for existing fixed screen, eg. I have a Stewart 45X80".

I wish to mask the screen vertically (constant width) to achieve 1:2.35 and 1:1.85. Anybody have the price points?


CH Yeow
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This is the old case of " if you have to ask the price...you can't afford it."

The masking system is VERY expensive. Over $4,000

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I have my Draper custom folder open now.

The Eclipse V Screen Masking System is for 3:4 screens. It can mask these to 9:16 hdtv or 1:1.85 wide screen. The width remains constant.

The Eclipse H Screen Masking System keeps a constant height tp transform 9:16 or 1"1.85 into the 3:4 format.

These are for the Clarion and Cineperm screens from Draper.

As to what you want from a Draper masking system, I'm not sure that you can get there from here. I can't find any masking for 9:16 screens to take it into the formats you want. the Draper just seems to offer a 3:4 conversion for your aspect ratio. But the pricees for these masking systems retails for about $2200 (Feb 15, 1999 price list.).

Some other manufacturer may make what you want.
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CH Yeow:
What you are wanting to do is not out of the question. Although the screen manufacturers do not make a standard system to do what you desire. I know that they can customize them to meet your needs. What you are needing is a system that masks out the vertical dimension. (i.e. the width remains constant) Shelly is right about the prices. What you want is about $2,000 usd. I do know from experience that the folks at Da-Lite have the ability to customize this masking system. I have done work with their products in the past and have had good luck.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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