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big screen, small room...  

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My theater room is about 10' wide. I've hacked up a homemade 92x52 screen using window blackout fabric. Currently the fabric is not stretched, it is just tacked on. I'm using a Kodak DP850 projector...450 lumens, 800x600...

When I'm watching brighter scenes the whole front of the room gets lit up. Could this be because:

a) the fabric is not stretched so is bouncing light all over the place?
b) the fabric, although great for a flat white screen, doesn't care where it sends reflected light? It does have a tight knitted texture.
c) the screen is just too big for the room?
d) I could only get approval for a medium taupe on the walls.
e) anything else you can come up with?

Suggestions? (besides get a real screen, because it's not in the budget for a while)

I don't expect the room to be pitch black, but nice and dark would be nicer.


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That's one big screen in a small room!

There is a fair bit of reflected light even with a "proper" screen. Keep in mind this is how the image actually makes it to your eyes..

The room colour is the main issue for you. Having a "dark" colour behind the screen will make the biggest difference. Getting a dark ceiling / walls is the next step.

Would curtains be a possibility? You may be able to do something that looked quite good -- but allowed the curtains to be pulled aside for everyday use of the room.

The colour doesn't have to be grey or black -- anything dark will be better than a light colour. (other colours will affect your perception of the colours in the image.. but the human eye is quite easily fooled, think about coloured sunglasses..)

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It's such a nice size though...the screen ends and there is a foot of wall on either side. At 14' back it fills the field of view so nicely. The room is 28' long and my speakers love it. Whatcha gonna do with a split level, eh?

Hmmmm, I wonder if I could get spousal approval for even some ornamental curtains above and flanking the screen. Something that would match the, virtual, sofa. It would make it look even more theater-y. The taupe is reasonably dark, but when the reflected light hits it it looks quite white.


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Here's a pic of my HT room. Note that I use a light blue carpet, medium blue walls, black ceiling, and black front viewing wall. The screen is surrounded by drapes that disappear when the lights go down.

Here's an actual screenshot taken 12'feet away from my 52" x 96" screen (1.85:1 ratio).

The Academy Home Theater
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