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AE 300 and computer use.  

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I was wondering what results people have gotten with the AE 300 displaying a windows desktop and other programs such as power point. How about for surfing the net? What video settings work well since the projector is 16:9 aspect and also 960 X 540 native pixels?

What video card did you use?

Has anyone successfully gotten 960 X 540 without the use of power strip?

With power strip?

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I can get my laptop (GeForce2 Go) into 960x540 using PowerStrip. I haven't used it with projection yet though.
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Hi Gopher,
I use it for surfing all the time, and I decided to stop doing that since I don't really want to use up the lamp that fast.
It looks great IMO and I'm using powerstrip with 960x540 (Radeon AIW 7500).

Also I noticed that ambient light is not much of a problem for desktop or surfing compared to watching movies.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks so much for the help guys!!!

Sak, did you obtain pixel perfect set up, or does it just look awesome with or without pixel perfect set up?

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During the Seattle shootout, I'm pretty certain we had the AE300 hooked up with a VGA cable, But I don't think we had pixel perfect mapping. Apparently there were some menu options that could have helped, but they were grayed out. From what I've heard, some people have been able to run the projector at it's native resolution using VGA, but so far, no one has been able to do the same thing over DVI.

I'd really love for this projector to get able to have 1-1 pixel mapping over DVI. That's really the only thing that is preventing me from buying it. I still may end up with an AE300 but I'd like to see the HS10 and PLV70 first.

Someone from Panasonic really should investigate these HTPC issues and post some guidance on the forum. Virtually the entire U.S. consumer base for the AE300 currently reads this forum. They'd sell a lot more projectors right now if we had an answer to these HTPC questions.
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Can someone confirm if computer gaming on this puppy is limited to 640X480? If so, that is only major concern about the AE300 over the HS10 which would offer full 1024X768 gaming...
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I'm pretty sure that my setup is pixel-perfect (960x540), because there are no smudges and its really clear.
I'll say this with 100% certaintity only after I run some test patterns to very that (any ideas?).

Also on DVI, I get a pixel perfect match but only on 856x480, I haven't figured out the timings for 960x540 and I'm sure its just a matter of tweaking it.

Overall, the picture quality via 960x540 (VGA) and 856x480 look real close to me, so thats why I havent experimented much on getting the DVI 960 res. to work.


PS. I didn't figure out the powerstrip settings myself so I'll give credit to Koslian who mentioned them in another post. :)
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