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Ordered Draper M1300 CinePerm -- got something else?  

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Ok, so I asked Draper for a sample of the M1300 -- I got it and I liked the fabric enough to change my mind from a DaLite CinemaVision screen to Draper (the CinemaVision sample did have visible sparkles.. but very very hard to see sparkles).

Right -- so the screen shows up (6week wait!) and its folded! Sigh.. so after the insane battle to get it snapped (what a workout..) I put it up. Wow! Great looking screen. 80x45.

A few days later -- I notice that the screen has a texture to it. Sort of a fabric look to it. (very small criss-cross fabric lines?) I checked against the sample and its not the same?! At least the sample looks very matte. Its got no grain at all. The screen on the wall has a grain to it sort of like linen -- as well as being shiny (compared to the sample).

The creases from the folding are still working their way out. However, I'm not entirely pleased with the situation. I don't believe I have the right material -- and the creases seem like they are there to stay. (its been over a week) Considering the price I paid for the screen I expected more.

Someone what to reassure me that my material is correct? I've heard that a hair dryer will help with the creases.. but I'm not that fustrated with it yet.

Oh, and I didn't order through AVScience -- maybe I should have!
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Don't complain to AVS... isn't it Draper that sends it out that way? There was a recent thread about this very topic.
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I would second the "dont complain to AVS" since it is Draper that folds the screens (sigh..)

Jay: thanks for the feedback. Sounds like you have exactly what I have. The bummer is I've seen a tab tensioned electric rolldown version of the M1300 and it looks different.. (it looks like my sample)

Maybe its time for me to contact Draper on this instead of going through my supplier (who was NOT AVScience..). However if the AVScience guys are reading this -- they may consider asking that any Draper orders they may have rolled screens. I know this is done for the M2500 material -- why not the M1300?

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Hi Guys...Just for kicks I ordered, and am now using, a M1300. It came rolled and not folded. In fact, every screen I have ever received from Draper has been rolled on a tube.

As, as you can guess, I find this very strange that you have folded screens. Be assured, draper will stand behind their screens and make it right. They always have.

David Bott
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AV Science/AVS Forum Admin
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David, If I remember correcatly, you had been using the M2500.

Can you share some of your observations on the differences between the two screens?

I am using an M2500 and have ordered a replacement M1300. I want to increase the sharpness of the picture. I saw my projector with a 1.1 gain screen and it was much sharped than with the 2.3 Draper M2500. Hopefully, I can answer my own questions within a few weeks. But I would appreciate your comments before then.

Thanks as always.
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Just an update -- the local shop I purchased my Draper from did get in touch with Draper and verify that all of the paperwork on my screen indicates that I was sent a M1300 screen.

Jeff Miller of Draper was kind enough to call me directly and follow-up on this. He is actually going to be in town mid to late summer and will arrange to see my screen in person. He will be able to obviously tell if this material is correct or not. From other posts in this forum it seems that I have a similar material to what others received when ordering M1300.

Apparently Draper has several different manufacturers that create the screens for them. And between one "batch" and another there will be minor variations in the coloring/fabric -- but it should be within the tolerances set by Draper.

While the screen looks good -- it does not match the sample I based my decision on. Oh, and the creases are still there after a week and a half..

I must say, Draper does care about their customers. I'm certain that I'll be happy with the eventual outcome which ever way it goes.


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