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RCA RD222SD receiver  

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I just returned the third RCA RD222SD receiver in one one month, all for the same reason: an annoying red/yellow/orange strobe on peoples'faces and anything red. It doesn't happen all the time but frequently enough. I made sure my SONY XBR250 is not the culprit: these tint changes do not happen while playing a DVD or S-VHS, my other two sources.
Has anyone experienced this problem? What would be the best option for an STB (Sony, Hughes, etc.) if RCA does not solve this problem?
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First- more than likely your receivers were fine. I just did an installation that had this exact problem with sony DSS equip. The LNB may be defective, even if you are getting a strong signal. Second, I would encourage you to have your television ISF calibrated. At a minimum, adjust the set with vid essentials or the AVIA disk. The artifacts on DSS are not consistent from channel to channel, but if sharpness, brightness, contrast or color are pumped up the MPEG artifacts will be more apparent.
Don O
P.S. You do not need to take the dish down to replace the LNB. Call RCA and inform them that the installer identified a defective LNB. Hopefully the will replace it. Then calibrate the set.
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