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Samples and how to get them  

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I have just got started (projector arrived today) and will be knocking up a blackout fabric homemade jobbie tommorow (the only stuff I have found so far has the rubber sandwiched between the cloth not rubber / cloth but I will search more at the weekend now I just need something I can tension for 'immediate' use.

Once this is done I will be considering a roll down screen of hig(ish) gain but would like to try samples...

How do you guys get the sample pieces ??
Do you get charged for them (either permanently or on a returnable deposit basis) ??
Do you just contact Draper, stewart etc ??

Also if considering a roll down screen any reason why not to go 4:3 even though 90% of use is 16x9 ?? I am thinking that I can just roll down the rest of the way for full panel use (of the projector) when required and keep it partially rolled for widescreen ??

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For screen samples, just call the manufacturers and request them. They're free! Dalite sends out the largest samples, and I could never reach an actual salesman from Stewart. Try Draper and Vutec also. I ended up with Vutec Brite White (1.5) after playing with the samples and seeing an installation with it.

Going with a 4x3, 16x9, 1.85x1, or 2.35x1 screen is purely a matter of preference. You will find people in this forum with all of these and numerous ways to get a 16x9 or 4x3 image within them. However, if you have a 16x9 native projector like the Sony 10HT, you should go with a 16x9 screen for the ease of configuration. To answer your question about partially rolling it down, you could definitely do that. Some motorized rollups have built-in aspect ration control performed by rolling the screen up and down, maybe in conjunction with a masking layer.

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So that leads to a question: what kind of screens do would the local multiplex be using? Matte, 1.0 gain?
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