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Info for those with Sony VPL CX or CS  

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I have now ceiling mounted my Sony VPL CX1 and it does not suffer from any heat problem even thou it was not intended for that use.

To get the picture rotated I use my HTPC with a Geforce2 MX card and the latest drivers that has the rotate function.

I have tested this configuration for at least 100 hours and I don't see any problems with it, its great.

Just wanted you to know that it is possible.

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I am so very very VERY interested in some pictures of your setup. I am currently using a CX1 and have been interested in doing a ceiling mount as opposed to my current setup. Please provide some more information and pictures if possible. If you need to email pictures, then please let me know. Thanks

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Hi David.

Unfortunately I don't own a digital camera so it is not possible for me to take any pictures for the moment.

But I can describe a little more detailed how my setup is done.

The first thing I did was to remove the front protection cover as it was useless for me since I only use the projector at home and don't carry it with me.

Then I just rotated the projector and put it on three spacers to get some air underneath it, the spacers are just three volume controller knobs from an old amplifiers (they looked nice). The projector is placed on top of a tall bookshelf so I have not made a special ceiling mount for it.

I will make a hushbox for the projector and that will also be placed on the top of the bookshelf and not mounted on the ceiling. That is the reason I have not made a nicer soulution for it yet. I have included a drawing of my Hushbox that I will build later but I don't have the measures of it yet. I will build it in either 10mm MDF or 12MM LDF.

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Thank you for the reply. I really have been meaning to work on this myself as I would love to get the projector higher up on my back wall so that the rear seats could be moved around a little. My room is very tight and with the projector sitting where it is now...it pretty much gets in the way. If I don't get the ceiling mount figured out then I would move it into a closet in the back of my room and cutout a port hole for the lens. How hard was it to take the cover off? Does it involve removing the 8 or so screws on the underside of the unit? Thanks

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The front cover is very easy to remove, you do not need to open the projector at all. The screws for the front are visible from the outside, it is very easy, take a look when you get home, just flip the projector and you will see it.

I have seen people make their own ceiling mounts very easy. If you take a louspeaker mount for wall mounting and put a piece of MDF on it and then you simply use a flexible straper as you have used on your projector to attach it. See included picture of an example of a cheap louspeaker mount.


bose.zip 11.8388671875k . file
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