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Beginners review of the AE300  

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Well, after months of researching fp, then rptv, then back to fp, I finally purchased the AE300, thanks to the Seattle pj shootout reviews!

It arrived yesterday, so working til 5:30 was intolerable! I got home, tore into the package and set it up on my coffee table so it would project a 77" image. Once I wall mount it, it will project a 100" image. For now I am simple projecting on a white apartment wall and tested it in complete darkness, with dim lighting, and bright lighting.

This is my first projector, so this review won't be as critical as the pros on this forum. To me, picture was beautiful!!! I could see no screendoor at 1.7x and out of 5 hours of viewing and sampling 5 movies (Moulin Rouge, Monsters Inc., Bugs Life, Ocean's Eleven, and The Beach), I only saw the vertical motion artifact once!!! This occurred in a scene in Bug Life where Flick raises his head up. It only lasted for a fraction of a second, but it was very noticable and worse than just screendoor being added to that portion of the picture. It was almost like some of the lines kept moving up while the rest of the picture continued.

I had demoed an AE100 a couple of weeks ago, and there is no comparison between the 2 projectors... The AE300 (in my opinion) is definitely worth the extra $500 for the smooth screen technology to eliminate the screen door. I have an L-shaped sectional couch, and even when sitting in the seat that is closest to the screen (about 4 ft), you still can't really spot any screendoor!!!

The colors and brightness on this unit are amazing in comparison to the Mitsubishi RPTVs that I was considering. And this was my opinion right out of the box. After viewing for about 4 hours, I used AVIA and then watched some of The Beach. The picture got even better!

I'm planning on building a parkland plastics screen, but having some trouble locating the plastic sheet in the baltimore area... I'll post more reviews once I get some more viewing/tweaking time in this weekend!

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Which scene/chapter is it in "Bugs Life" when Flick raises his head? Also is this the anamorphic collectors Bugs Life? (Green double alpha case)
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Great review Paul, keep em coming.
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This is the non-anamorphic dvd, so it might not be an issue on the anamorphic dvd. I had to use the zoom feature to stretch the picture to the correct shape and proportions.

The scene is when Flick is leaving the ant community to go to the city and he gets stoped by "spot?" (the little princess ant). At one point Flick lifts his head up and wham, there is this weird distorted "mess" that floats up from his head.

This may have to do with the fact that I was using a non-anamorphic dvd with the zoom mode... I watched City of Angels last night. The pq of the dvd is very poor, so its not a good example. I did some playing with the Noise Reduction function. When you flip it back and forth on this movie when the picture is paused, you can see a pretty significant different. When I did this on a higher quality dvd like Moulin Rouge or Monsters Inc, there was no change in picture quality when switching the NR setting.
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