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Cleaning curved silver screen??  

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I just acquired a curved, silver screen and it's got some sort of watermark like stain on it, is there any way to clean this screen?
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You cannot clean a silver screen. Thay is the downside of owning one. They are not user freindly. On mark or scratch and thats it.
But they sure are bright.

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
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What did you use, peter? 3m super spray 77 or the super 90 adhesive? both work quite spectacularly and can be peeled back and re-positioned if the application (actual lay-down of material) turns ugly.

You can buy a straight hard rubber hand held roller from an artist's shop and turn it down to a curved surface using a vise and some good abrasive choices. Total cost of roller? in the ten dollar range. The importance of this curve surface tool in making a curved screen?

Invaluble. It will actually happen with it. It may be much more difficult without it. You have to lay down the material in an agreeable a fashion as possible, and the material is not principally designed to go on a curved surface. It will have to be streched here to the corners (so that it does not touch the surface in the middle at all) and pulled to the centre, otherwise it will develop folds at the edges.

What you do is spray the surface of the screen with the spray 77, evenly!!!! The spray may have to be worked about, as it is pretty clotty and bubbly in nature. It's main feature is that it is tacky and removable in it's early stages of drying, especially if you put glue on only one surface. Then you place the m2500 on the outer surface (edges) of the screen, anchoring it firmly, but without stretching it, depending on the elasticity of the material, you may want a little give or floppyness.

The first point at which the material should come in contact with the glue prepped surface, is in the exact centre. It should be worked out , in a radial fashion from this point. This is probably the only way to assure that the thing will not develop an excess material or folding situation at the edges.

I would very much suggest that you play with the glue first before you actually apply it to the screen. It is kind of intersting in it's behavior. This will familiarize you with it's little foibles. It can be purchased at most Home Depots. (or is that despots?)

Draper M2500 screen material appears to be the product of choice here.

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Peter, you being from Florida, may know the answer to this.
The screen in question is an Ampro. I have no brackets to attach to the wall to hang this thing. Does anyone handle parts from the now defunct Ampro co.?
Is re-surfacing the screen possible by a do-it yourselfer/
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