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say it isnt so?(ae300question)  

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i read in this forum some where that playing xbox,ps2,gc is a no go for the ae300. please say it isnt so ?as i am planning on getting this pj by this wendsday for that purpose only and also watching flicks on a dvd player it would really bum me out if i cant . some help me out?
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if it has component input, why couldn't you ?? Except for PS2, xbox and Cube should look nicely on AE300
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If it can project a dvd it can project a dvd. That is what xbox, ps2 and gc essentially are. Whoever said that was seriously wrong.
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whew thx guys i apreciatte that :D
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I think 5thlion is referring to this quote from Defiler:

Here's why the AE300 can only game at 640x480:
Most games are 4:3 aspect ratio.
(540/3)*4 = 720
However, 720x540 is not a typical resolution for a game to support. The next notch down from that is 640x480. Q.E.D.

For the HS10:
(768/3)*4 = 1024
1024x768 IS a typical game resolution, so you're good to go with 1:1 pixel mapping.
Not that it can't play games, but just not at the resolution of some of the other projectors.
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The AE100,200, or 300 can display in 4:3 mode.... I have a GameCube and StarWars looks great on the AE100. It doesn't look like my 50" Plasma... but playing on a large screen with a great sound system kicks butt... just ask my 6 year old.
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If you have an XBOX (or get one) make sure that you get the HD connector for it. I think it is about $20. Then at least rent NBA2K3 and get back to us :) Only downside is that you may have trouble looking at your old video games after that.

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well Xbox Live is out ....... some LCD PJ multiplayer games on Live should be organized for AVS peeps ....... lol
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yeah that was the tread i was referring too .i have all the current consoles an yes xbox live is out an im looking forward to fraggin you guys in unreal tournament 2003 :D on the big screen where can i get the hd connector ..perhaps ebgames? an is it compatible to the ae300
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