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Good Screen Material for LCD?  

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Does anyone have any recommendations for screen material for a low-light-output LCD projector? Specifically, I'm talking about a 350 lumen, 200:1 contrast unit. On the one hand, this isn't much by the way of brightness and I don't have great light control in the viewing room. On the other hand, I'm planning on using it after sunset about 85% of the time, and because of room dimensions, I can only use a pretty small screen size of around 70x40 inches (16x9).

Again, because of the setup of the room, I need a screen that isn't visible at all times. (It most likely will be placed directly in front of the TV). Because of that at the not-too-big dimensions, I'm thinking about a Da-Lite tripod, such as the Picture King. (Does anyone here have anything positive or negative to say about them?) What I'm much less certain about is what material to use. The most obvious choices are glass beaded, with a viewing angle of 30 degrees and a gain of 2.5; and video spectra, with a viewing angle of 35 degrees and a gain of 1.5.

Of course, what I'm most interested in is the trade-off between getting a picture that is bright, vivid, and colorful enough to enjoy without decreasing by too much the typically poor LCD black level performance.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm researching screens right now for my Sony 400Q LCD projector that has 400 lumens. I've done a lot of reading in the archives of this forum and others about screen material and have come to the conclusion that the only non-tab tensioned fabric that won't have wrinkle or streaking problems for my application (a rollup) is Dalite's high power (2.8 gain) material.

Stewart makes beautiful screens but I was told the largest manual pull down screen they make is 110" 16:9 diagonal. I cannot afford electric Stewart screens. I'm looking at 119" 16:9 diagonal or 133" 16:9 diagonal. Your screen size will be smaller so Stewart is an option for you.

If I were you I'd pursue the Dalite High Power or Stewart screens. Perhaps request material samples from both companies. Another option for you is to do like I did and search the archives for things like "Video Spectra", "Draper M2500", "Dalite High Power", etc.
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