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OK I have just finished my MkII screen and although I am very happy with the structure I had better blackout fabric first time round... First batch was canvas one side and kind of vinyl on the other, the one I get yesterday was canvas and canvas with vinyl sandwiched in the middle. The first screen seemed to have more vivid colors with the vinyl side so now I am obviously trying to improve only hours after completing the project !!

I will be hunting for the 'old' style fabric but has no one tried the screen fabric from Solar Reflective (click on fabrics) ?? I am interested in approx gain and what people generally think..

Another hat to toss into the ring is vinyl floor covering (plain old lino) I was just walking through the store and the back side of a sheet caught my eye... It was plain bright white, possibly slightly reflective with a small texturing, very flat and comes in huge widths. When I checked a few rolls out some where textured (good and bad to my eye) and some where in unsuitable off white colors (no greys though) but they didn't have any off cuts that looked promising and I was already locked into a fabric hunt.... Now I am regretting not buying a test sample. Anyone used the back of a roll of lino ???

I would rather not get into painting but would like to increase the 'reflectivity' of the canvas fabric I now have for a more vinyl like fabric..