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Screen gain???  

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Can anyone discuss the differences, good or bad with high gain screens?
I've been told hot spots are one problem, but if your using a high gain screen, wouldn't your projector be running at a lower brightness setting, and in turn, run the tubes cooler? Thanks Kenny
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Hi Kenny!

Welcome to the forum and to the issues we have all had to consider each in turn. My first post here was just about the same as this one. So you may want to run a search in the screen forum (or even the CRT forum) with BOTH "screen" and "high gain" as keywords. Then explore the debate in all its implications. There is food for thought. But you've definitely already got one thing figured - gain is a key factor for a big bright picture with a CRT projector, only it comes at a cost.

You will have to gain an understanding of hot spotting, color shift, and reflectivity issues (directiveness) to determine which type of screen at which gain suits your needs. Another issue is ambient light, and getting your viewing room as dark as possible will make for a different set of compromises. All I can suggest is read up and fire away. Many here will try to answer your questions but there is way too much to say for a single post to answer all the issues involved.

For starters, what projector are you considering, with what tube size and age (hours) and what size screen do you seek? Will it be floor or cieling mounted? Are you looking at commercial products or homemade solutions? Give us a hint.



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Yes, I'm going to be a proud papa to an XG135!!!
It will be ceiling mounted as well, and I have a dedicated HT room (alittle small @ 13.5 X 15) but I have total light control, and it will be very dark.
Bill has given me a few facts on the high gain screens, and he pointed out the possiblities of color shift and explained it very well.
My main question is this...if the screen gain it very high, does that mean I will have decreased brightness levels from the projector itself...and if that's the case, wouldn't that translate into a cooler running projector, which of coarse translates into increased component life!
In other words, we all calibrate our systems to set standards, brightness, contrast, etc...does screen gain effect this settings?
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Kenny bought Mark R's NEC XG135. I think it has about 1500 hours on it. He also got Mark's M2500 92" diagonal screen.
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