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Black cloth, Ve-lux et al ...  

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Stewart has a black "velvet like" material called Ve-lux.
It is used to absorb the light at the edges of the screen.

Are there any other similar materials out there?
I need to buy a square meter or two.

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I have never seen Stewart's material, but if it's velvet like, can you just use velvet cloth?

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Purchase HIGH percentage REAL WOOL felt, that is black in color. It is a great acoustic absorber, and has the benifit of being less reflective to light than the high plastic content 'poly' felts out there.

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Is there a Velux-like paint? My screen frame is flat-black aluminum but still reflects more than I would like.

I would like to buy some "Velux in a can" and "spray" some felt onto the frame. Does this exist?

Mark Hunter
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You used to be able to buy "flocking" in a can to spray on stuff. We used it during the late 80's,(art major in college http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif , don't know if such a thing exists anymore though. Surely you can find some in an art supply store, or perhaps a craft store, like Michaels.

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I'll see if I can get a little flocking this weekend.

It almost sounds obscene.
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