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I'm asking for it...  

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I'm just wandering... I have an old projector (Boxlight 3080, 640x480) and it's not that videophile http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif. I'm projecting on a white wall that is not smooth. My theory was that a not so smooth wall would get the edge of the clearly visible pixelstructure(he, what do you want with 640x480?). The picture is not that bad, better than staring at a 21" monitor, but the contrast ratio and lightoutput could be better...

Now for the question:

Would a screen improve my viewing pleasure with that kind of low-fi projector?

Please keep in mind that I will buy a CRT superdeluxe major fingerlickin' good projector in less than 2 years...

Thanx in advance,


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Thanx for your help so far...

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You could always get a small sample of screen material and tape it to the wall so you could compare.


Kam Fung
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Thanx so far... But where do you get a sample? Home Cinema isn't that big yet here in the Netherlands...

Would a projectorcompany be so kind?

Thanx again...

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Try to locate some curtain blackout material.
Use curtain blackout material and wood to use as a frame.
This is equivalent to a Dalite matte white screen.
This screen cost me less than $20 U.S. on sale.
A fabric store should carry this material.

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Hi Eric,

If you have the patience to muster through all the posts in the 4 pages of this thread, you will find lots of good suggestions to work with, including the blackout fabric we're talking about. Good luck!

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Hee Eric...!

Fellow dutch member! Hehehehe... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I shall look for that material... How do you keep it tight????

Thanx for the threadlink and reactions, I was getting pretty restless 'cause nobody replied in the beginning http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

I think I'm gonna try some DIY...


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"Try to locate some curtain blackout material."

I'm from the Netherlands too and I'm confused by what yoyu mean by "curtain blackout material"?

Do you mean the roll-down curtains that are supposed to keep light out of a room.. These roll-down curtains are for sale over here, but they-re pretty expensive (100" wide will cost you about $75 US)..

Or do you mean a different kind of material? If so, could you please describe it or show a photo?


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More specific questions get more specific answers.
If your header was something like "Screen or Wall, what's best?"
you probably would have gotten a better response.

Most of us scan the titles to see which topics that we can share our knowledge, or learn from best.

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I thought a 'catching' title would draw a crowd, but....

Alrighty then! I'll keep it strictly business from now on... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

But eh... Screen or wall, what's best for my temp. Boxlight 640x480 low contrast?


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