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Semi-Fixed Screen Ideas/Hardware?  

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Consider a viewing wall with a doorway/window to one side, such that a screen properly centered for viewing would obstruct the doorway. One obvious solution is to use a pulldown/retractable screen that retracts up and out of the way of the doorway when not in use. But the application here is not necessarily hiding the screen, but simply moving it out of the way.

Fixed/rigid-framed screens seem to be generally preferred (less wrinkling, easier to maintain tension, etc) over retractable. For this particular install, I'm considering hanging a rigid-screen from some sort of horizontal track. When not in use, the screen could simply be pushed to the side, much a like a curtain.

Any examples of this kind of thing in action? Any ideas as to what kind of hardware might work well (and look nice) for this application? Curtain rods/hardware might work, but seems like you might want something with a little more mechanical smoothness and positioning control. Maybe some sort of track with the screen hanging from rollers that run inside the track?
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I have the same problem, I am using a fixed screen that is hinged at the top. When not in use I swing it up to the ceiling and it attaches with a small latch. The opposite side of the screen is covered with the same decorative fabric that I have in my theater. When put away it looks like a ceiling treatment. It works great! Good luck

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