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ND filter and Gray paint  

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In attempt to improve the black level on my 10ht, I have been experimenting with ND filters. I am now using a filter with 50% transmission of light, projecting on a white wall. After reading about the Grayhawk screen, I decided to paint my wall gray which resulted in better black level.

What are the differences between gray paint and ND filters, which one is better for the purpose of achieving a better black level.

Thank you

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There's no real difference between the two, except that a gray screen will also reduce the effects of ambient light. That is preferable in a room where you don't have total light control or you have light coloured walls, otherwise a ND filter is probably cheaper and easier to install.

Let me empasize that if you can afford it, the GrayHawk will provide you with benefits that regular gray screens will not. Chiefly, a higher *real* contrast ratio in addition to the better black level. A regular gray screen will give you better blacks but similarly dimmer whites a GrayHawk screen will not dim the whites as much, if you have a really bright image that's not as much of a problem.


Kam Fung
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