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Everyone, my wall will have 15' of cabinets (now being made) that will hold a motorized screen. Projector probably an Infocus LP350 unless I can find a used Seleco HT200. sitting distance about 13'. Desire a 100" + diag screen, probably a Greyhawk unless other manu. are now offering a competitive grey screen for less $(do you know of any?). As I'm new to front projection and the 350 is native 4:3 which aspect ratio would I get for a screen? Use: probably 50% DVD's 35% reg. TV, 15% HD signals. Do I get maybe a 60" x 80" 4:3 with horizontal masking or maybe a 58" x 107" 16:9 with vertical masking. Or, is this whole masking issue something most projector owners DO NOT WORRY ABOUT? I'd love to know most of you consider masking a non-issue. The money I'd save I could use elsewhere in upgrading the HT
All you 350 owners let me know what you did please!
As always thanks for the education,