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Used Microperf Stewart 16:9 130 - How do I find the value of it?  

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I just upgraded to a Greyhawk and need to find out how much to sell my StudioTek 130 Microperf 16:9 for. It is a nine month old screen in mint condition. Does not include the frame.
Any ideas as where to look? I have looked on Ebay and several other forums with no luck.
It retailed for $3K.
Thanks - Mase
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Without a frame maybe $500.00 or so.

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No way, it's definitely worth more than that (I hope!?). Microperfing your screen doubles the cost over a regular screen with a frame. That's got to retain its value really well, you can't get a perf that fine without some serious equipment. Out of that 3k, your frame does not take up more than a fifth of the price. OTOH, if you want to sell it to me for $500 without a frame... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

You should also talk to Stewart about maybe trading it in or getting a discount for your Greyhawk, from what everyone has been saying they are very helpful. For example, I think the users at www.thebigpicturedvd.com forums got to trade in their Stewart screens for Greyhawks if they were bought after a certain date.


Kam Fung
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Ok, I guess I was a bit low but here's how I arrived at that figure. First, I have seen the usual stewart 54x96 perf screen go for around $1100-1300 used with the frame. I was under the impression that the frame would cost between 400-600 for this model, so more likely I should have pegged the price at between 500-700. However I could be wrong in the cost of the frame as I only had one source to go by.

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I bet nick is about right at $500-$700. It is a pretty specialized item. Of course, if there is any place on Earth that would have potential buyers for this screen, it is the AVS Forum.

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At $500 it's almost not worth selling, what with shipping and EBay fees. Are you sure you were looking at microperf screens not regular perf? The difference in price and quality is enormous.


Kam Fung
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I couldn't begin to tell you what the screen material is worth, but I would offer a suggestion. Try contacting Stewart to see if they can help you out or at least find out what a frame costs. Unfortunately, I think your going to have a hard time selling a screen without a frame. If you had the price of the frame then at least you could narrow down a more accurate selling price of the material by itself.

Good luck,

The Academy Home Theater
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I will be getting a quote for the frame in a couple of days. Will keep everyone posted.
Thanks for the input!
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