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Stewart microperf question  

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I'm considering switching to a Stewart microperf screen from my Draper, but I sit real close to the screen (small room). How close can you get without seeing the perforations at all? I'm just trying to get a lot of opinions, as I don't know where I can see one personally (near Rochester).
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Going from memory here, but I seem to recall Stewart recommends 12 feet viewing distance with microperfs...

Check this thread to hear what Don Stewart has to say about about microperf: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000426.html

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It depends on how bright the picture is.
I have close and far seating, and with my close seating (8') you can see the perforations in bright scenes if you are looking for them. My main seating is at 14' away and they are not visible at all.

12' is a good ballpark distance to not see any perforations.

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