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Where do I get screen samples?  

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I know some people get sample swatches of screen material to compare in their own environment, but what is the best way to obtain them? Do you contact the manufacturer directly or work through a retail dealer?

I figure if I'm seriously considering a Stewart, then I darn well better at least look at a sample first!

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I have not gotten samples from Stewart but I am sure that if you call them they will send you some. I have gotten samples from Da-lite though and I recieved a book with a selection of all the fabrics that they make. I definely suggest getting samples. It allowed me to compare the different materials with various projectors that I am considering. Just call Stewart, I found them to be very helpful and so was Da-lite.
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Well, I am sure Stewart would send you the sample if it were possible. I am sure all of the guys who are waiting for their screens do not want to have to wait any longer than they have to wait. Imagine how you would feel if you had paid for something and the manufacturer says that they can not send you your purchase because they are busy giving it away to whomever ask! Da-lite promptly sent me a sample and I was able to compare their stuff with Stewart. The promptness of the response influenced my decision to buy a Da-lite screen. But, I am sure that if they were in the same situation, I would not have gotten a sample of their screen either.

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