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Draper Cineperm-- interesting  

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I ordered a 100 inch Cineperm 1300 screen, called Draper to request that it be shipped rolled because of comments I read here.
I was told only the 2500 would be shipped rolled, and they do not ship the 1300 screen rolled.
Why? not sure, they said they never have problems when folding the screen.
Also as soon as they are made, they are folded and they go to stock that way.
Interesting shipping a screen that way. I'll get to see this week what mine looks like.
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That sucks. The problem here is that Draper uses several different manufacturers to make their screens. So there is some variation between the various M1300 screens (as long as its within their specifications).

My M1300 cineperm *still* has some fold lines. They are not visible from the seating position -- but they are still there when you get real close.

It took about 2 months for the visible fold lines to work themselves out (from my seating position -- 11' from an 80x45 screen).

I actually had a Draper representative come by and look at my screen and all he could say was that it was well within their standards. I also have minor tension triangles due to the snap buttons not being perfectly aligned -- again, barely visible.

Minor complaints aside -- it is a great looking screen.
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With the price they get, the screen should be perfect. They advertise it as a perfectly flat screen.
If mine has fold lines, it's going right back to them. Fold lines are not in "My Standards".
Even if the screens are made in China, why not roll them befor shipping??
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Originally posted by davewood:
I just can't believe this is an issue. I just got my screen (also Cineperm 1300) and was amazed by how wrinkled it was. Alan (@ AVScience) indicated that Draper would ship a replacement rolled, but I haven't asked for that yet. Draper told me this was normal and that the wrinkles would go away. After several days, I see very little difference in the wrinkles. I don't have my projector yet, so I don't know how noticable it will be...but I just can't image why they don't just roll the stupid things in the first place.

Here's what my screen material looked like when I unpacked it (before attaching to the screen):



If you don't have your projector, send it back. Why even mess with it. Demand a screen like Draper advertises them.
You would think a screen made for Home Theater use would arrive in perfect condition.
Even if the wrinkles do disappear after a few weeks I think it's BS making someone go thru that..
The screen should arrive wrinkle free, ready to use.
Good luck!!!
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Dave, good pictures. My screen looked similar when I unpacked it.

It is important to note. Once MOUNTED it does look a lot less wrinkled than the pictures above. Yes, you can still see the fold lines -- but they do fade (slowly).

I agree it would be very nice if they were shipped rolled.

The only issue I'm not 100% satisfied with is the tension triangles. (I'll attempt to take a picture of this one day soon) The reason for these is the screen is actually hand made. So, there are minor variations in the sewing on of the border, and the button/snap placement.

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I was considering a Draper Cineperm 1300 until I read this post. I will never buy an unrolled screen, from anyone! The comments from Draper are absurd! It's the customer's specifications that matter, not theirs!

Darren -
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O Man!!

Draper didn't do themselves any favors by sending a screen to you like this. OOCH!! You can bet I'll look elsewhere after seeing this.
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Having just bought a JVC G11, I was seriously considering Draper 1300 screen material. Not anymore! Thanks for the pictures, Dave, and thanks, Andrew, for the report about the Draper rep's indifference to the misaligned snaps. I'll look elsewhere for my home theater.
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I am going to get my projector very soon and was going to order my screen, Draper, this weekend. All I can say is WOW! If you pay good money for a product you should not have to wait for the bugs to "iron themselves out". No Draper for me.

Signature...Does anyone have a pen I can borrow?
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I don't understand why you can't get the screen rolled on a core. When I ordered it, I asked the sales person to be sure to ask for this.

After placing my order with MVS for a M1300 to replace my two defective M2500's (do a search if you want he whole story), I also called Draper to insist that they roll the M1300 on a core.

I also followed up with another call to Draper a few days before my ship date and was told that the instructions to roll were on the computer printout for making the screen.

And it arrived rolled on a core.
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Hmm, this thread has taken on a very negative attitude towards Draper.

As indicated above, I have a Draper cineperm M1300 screen (80x45).

I do feel that this screen is a good screen for the money.

The fold lines did fade as I was told by Draper. I can only see one remaining if I get within inches of the surface. There are no fold lines visible from any seating position where you could see the entire screen.

The "tension" triangles would not occur on a tab tensioned screen (I've seen one). This of course is a more expensive framing option. These tension triangles are all but invisible. I can see them in some bright scenes, but most people have no idea -- If I pause the image and point it out most people are able to see what I mean.

Thinking about it, I may be able to "tweak" the button snaps a little or something (tape?) and reduce the tension triangles.. something I'll try when I get a chance. I know that pushing my finger on the snap button does help reduce the effect..

I'd love it to be "perfect" but you won't get perfect at the price point of that screen. (as far as I know)

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Dave, you should contact Draper/your dealer and see what they can do for you -- however in my situation it was more like 6 weeks before the fold lines were gone from the seating position (10feet).

I was taking a close look the other night, and there are still some fold lines visible from inches away. Certainly invisible from the seating position.

I also was playing with my "tension" triangles a bit, and I'm not sure I can do anything with them. (bummer) It would interesting to know if anyone else has this issue. Again, the Draper rep. did state that it was well within spec. when he saw my screen. However, I sort of doubt he was as much of a videophile.

If I get a chance to sit down with the digital camera, I'll try putting together a web page with details..

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I ordered a Draper M1300 from Phil at TAW. I talked with both Phil and Draper and they tell me it is supposed to come rolled on a core. I will let you know for sure when it arrives tomorrow. FWIW all the Draper screens Phil sells come rolled.
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I ordered a Draper Cineperm M1300 back in Nov. '99. It came folded in a box, looking exactly like the pics Dave Wood posted. I tried it for a few days and couldn't stand the wrinkles. I talked to the local AV dealer who arranged a return/exchange with Draper. So, I returned the folded screen and Draper sent me a new one which came on a roll....no wrinkles at all. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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The screen arrived today and it is rolled on a core. A review to follow in a week or so.
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Y'all might try putting the screen in the sun for about an hour. This should remove any wrinkles. (Careful you don't reflect the sun into your eyes since it is highly reflective!) It probably will also sag a little, but will tighten up when cooled down again. This is an old trick with stretched vinyl products. A hair dryer might work too, but might cause other ripples.

Anyone try this (at your own risk of course). Hard part is to find a sunny day these days--especially in the north and midwest.

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Ok I assembled my screen last night (96x56 M1300 material) It was a royal pain to get the screen snapped in place. After an hour of fighting with it I was finally able to get it done. Also assembly of the frame was difficult as well. It was very hard to get the metal pieces seated together all the way. Anyhow the end result is not too good. The screen frame bows at the top and bottom from the tension of the screen. I am HOPING this will go away but if it does not, then I will return the screen.
Visually the screen is fine. Very very smooth finish with no texture. I do have one wrinkle running horizontally across the screen despite then fact that the screen was folded. It is very visible from the seating position.
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You really need to put some 1x2 wood bracing between the H & V centers of the frame to keep it from bowing. Do a search on Draper mounting on this forum as you are not alone with this problem.

The Academy Home Theater
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The aluminum frame of my Draper screen was also not strong enough to keep it from bowing under the pressure. I also had to put a vertical piece of wood in the center behind the screen to keep it from sagging. It worked very well.

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Yeah I placed a brace in the middle and it seems to fix the problem. I guess I have a hard time understading why Draper would continue to sell their screens this way. I mean how much more could a brace cost?? Also It would be nice if draper could have predrilled mounting holes in the frame as well. These two details would have made the screen much better and it is not as if this is a cheap screen price wise.
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Originally posted by cmos9:
Yeah I placed a brace in the middle and it seems to fix the problem. I guess I have a hard time understading why Draper would continue to sell their screens this way. I mean how much more could a brace cost?? Also It would be nice if draper could have predrilled mounting holes in the frame as well. These two details would have made the screen much better and it is not as if this is a cheap screen price wise.
Instead of a brace in the middle, put a mounting screw in. They can't predrill holes cause they don't know how or where people will mount the frame.
I suggest 8 screws. Three on the top & bottom lengths, two on each side.
I used wall anchors and it worked great. be sure everything is very level.
My frame went together easily, and once on the wall the screen snapped in place in minutes. 100 inch screen.
Two weeks have gone by and I must admit the wrinkles are nearly gone. I am amazed after what it looked like when I first installed it. So far I'm very pleased with the sceen. I like how easily I can clean it to.
Draper sells the Cineperm mainly to schools. They aren't as fussy as we are for a Home Theater screen.
Draper should change the way it's shipped though. It is quite a shock seeing it folded & wrinkled after opening the box.
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I got a Draper 1300 last July to replace a Draper 2500. The major fold lines have not disppeared. They have gotten somewhat less noticable. Most of my movie watching guests don't notice them. They still bug me though. Why do they send it boxed? I guess not enough people complain. Or they sell enough product to not care anyway. Me, I already complained enough about probelms with 2500. I just won't buy anything more from Draper until they improve their delivery of product. I recommend nobody else does either. How will they ever change their behavior unless a lot of people do the same.
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How much are these things anyway? ($$?)

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Originally posted by KBK:
How much are these things anyway? ($$?)
AVS sells Draper, check the online store.

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Originally posted by davewood:
I paid $416 for my 70x50 screen. This is more than AV Science had (and still has!!) posted on their site. Go figure.

(I was told that AVS doesn't make any money on their screens, so I was just charged what Draper charged them)
Whoever told you AV Science isn't making anything on their screens is wrong.
And they have a good price. They have to make money. You got a good deal.
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From what distance are the holes on the Cinemaperm visable.

I thought that it was for applications where you would sit 14 or 15 feet from the screen minimun.

I was considering a draper on a roller and could go much bigger if the holes where not visable.


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I meant the AT1200.

How far must you sit so as not to see the holes?

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