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Originally posted by stick30
I would think a good roof top Antenna could get you the Decatur/Champaign/Springfield stations.

True. I've been talking to someone in town who can do just that with their rooftop antenna and rotor. But the ideal situation for me is to get HDTV without having to purchase any equipment. $10/month with no equipment to buy and no antenna is what I'm waiting for, even if it takes a couple of months for the other affiliates to sign on with Insight.
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Originally posted by jdmcdonald
Uh, WICD is east of you. the rest are west. I think you mean
the antenna points west.

Doug McDonald

I belive WICD is transmitting from the main studios tell they setup at the main TX site. So the strong signal to the west makes sence.

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I picked up a Zenith 520 at CC for $499 and was expecting to pickup NBC/WEEK on 57, but I find nothing there. Is this channel online or not? Also, as I sit here watching WHOI and WMDB digital, They aren't broadcasting HD, even at prime time (Letterman, Nightline). Is this typical? It is a little disappointing. Also, I'm a bit suprised that it is being said that one should be able to pick up Moline or Springfield with a rooftop antenna from Peoria. I have a rooftop, and I'm getting neither of them. If its possible to do, what am I missing here?
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ABC and CBS are not passing a HDTV signal. NBC is and I was able to pick them up 2 days ago the last time I was able to watch a little tv. As far as roof top antenna's, it all depends on what your using. I live out in the woods so I can only get good signals from NBC and PBS. PBS's HD signal isnt that great now that they are mutlicasting....lots of blocking.

Make sure to call WMBD and WHOI and tell them how your dissappointed in their service....I have...multiple times.
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I live in Morton and just finished installing an antenna in my attic. I can pick up Springfield channels and Decatur, including ABC digital out of Decatur. I can pick up a couple of Moline channels and even Fox digital out of Bloomington along with all of the Peoria channels, of course. You will definitely need a preamplifier and an antenna rotator. My antenna is a CM 4228 with a CM 7777 preamplifier.

NBC out of Peoria offers HD and ABC out of Decatur and Moline offer HD. Other than that, you are SOL. I hope this helps.
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Where did you get your Antenna and equipment. I have been looking for a solution that will get me ABC in Decatur and somewhere that passes through CBS HD

I am in washington looking to put one in my attic also
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I ordered the antenna and preamplifier off of solidsignal.com. I got the Rotator at the Radio Shack there in Washington. I bought a tripod, but there wasn't enough room in the attic to allow the antenna to turn. I had to rig up something with 2x4's to mount the rotator. If your attic is big enough, I would get a tripod. The antenna is 40 in. wide.

As far as CBS HD, I can't get it anywhere.
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Home Theater Concepts in Morton can sell and install any of the antenna equipment you will need for HD in and around central Illinois. Dan is a great guy and knows what signals are out there and how to get them.
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Can't verify it yet since my set isn't in, but WHOI just scrolled across the bottom of MNF that they're now HD on channel 40.

edit: Poor grammar, sorry.
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It appears they are working on it. I just got home and 19-1 keeps going up and down.

For a brief period I had a HD signal with sound but no picture.

I am sure it will be up soon
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According to Titan-TV, the 8:30 "According to Jim" and the 9:00 "NYPD BLues" should be in HD. I checked the "according to Jim" several times and no HD. (I didn't check ABC out of Decatur to see if they had it.) But the currently playing NYPD is HD (execpt for the credits which I thought was weird). That is great news. Looks good.

Anyone hear anything now on the one holdout - CBS?

And speaking of our beloved CBS station, HDinIllinois or anyone else, could you confirm for me that you are NOT getting the Fox 480p Widescreen feed but rather just a 480i 4x3 upcovert on 43-1?
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Yes, Jim and NYPD looked great. It seems that WHOI just tweaking today on and off.

Now if WMBD would get their Ass in gear!!!!

I confirm that 43-1 is not FoxWidescreen 480p.
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Is anybody in the Shelbyville area? I've got a winegard 8200 on a 40' tower with a rotor and am wondering what I'll be able to get this evening?...my hdv-420 finally got here..

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I used to be from Findlay. I remember people saying Shelbyville was somewhat in a hole.

You should be able to get WAND 19-1 no problem I can get it from Peoria. The others could be a problem.

It will take some time rotating to get the best signal.
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Fox is just 480i and I don't expect anything different for a while. I believe the same people run FOX 43 as WMBD 31 and they don't sound as if they are in any hurry to provide HD. I think we are seeing all the HD we are going to see for a while. That really sucks since the Super Bowl is on CBS this year. A very crappy effort if you ask me.
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WRSP apparently will pass through the 480p.

Doug McDonald
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That's cool. Is WRSP coming online soon? Every time their target date approaches, it seems to get pushed back...
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I have Basic cable from Insight in Normal, IL. The Monday Night Football broadcast tonight is tall and skinny on my 4:3 TV. Looks like WHOI (Peoria, IL) is sending its 16:9 HDTV broadcast to Insight. (WHOI started broadcasting MNF OTA last Monday.)

Obviously, it can't be high definition, but it's definitely the 480i version of ABC's HDTV broadcast. Everyone without a 16:9 TV, unable to stretch the picture like it should be, is going to be wondering what the heck is going on.

I've put the broadcast up on my Sharp 9000 DLP projector and it looks 1000 times better than the ultra-crappy version of MNF I usually get. And it's fun to see the widescreen version of MNF. WHOI is usually washed out and "snowy" coming over cable. Tonight, the colors are sharp as is the picture, even though it's not high definition.
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Getting the broadcast OTA in HD 720p and it looks great. In fact my neighbor is going to CC tomorrow and buy a Zenith SAT520 since he has DTV and a nice 65inch Sony. We are there next week for the Bears/Packers.

Is it possible that insight is doing something that is not letting the HD pass through?????
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Originally posted by stick30
Is it possible that insight is doing something that is not letting the HD pass through?????

No. They just screwed up. I don't have HDTV cable nor do I have the equipment to decode it. They just accidentally broadcast the ABC HDTV broadcast (downconverted to 480i) and handed it to Insight. If they did it on purpose, they don't have much respect for everyone with a 4:3 TV that was having to put up with tall skinny football players.
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Originally posted by Augie
They just accidentally broadcast the ABC HDTV broadcast (downconverted to 480i) and handed it to Insight. If they did it on purpose, they don't have much respect for everyone with a 4:3 TV that was having to put up with tall skinny football players.

I watched part of the late local news on WHOI after the game. They apologized for having technical difficulties during the Miss America pageant and said they'd be reairing it. They also said technical difficulties prevented some people from seeing the MNF game.

Reading between the lines, WHOI must have handed Insight the downconverted version of the HDTV broadcast because that's all they had to give them -- better that than nothing at all.

Turns out I was lucky to see the game at all. It wet my appetite for HDTV, that's for sure. If the downconverted version looks that good, I can only imagine how good the HDTV version looks!
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I just was talking with a guy from work and he brought up the game and how great it looked on insight.

He has a Hitachi 43" 4:3 and he said exactly what you said last night.

You just have to decide when to take the plunge, you have all that great equipment, why not spend the extra on a receiver.
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I just got home and I have Insight HDTV in Washington IL, near Peoria, and They now have ABC on HD Channel 760! Looks like I will get to see the Bears Open up Soldier Field in HD after all!!
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I have insight cable here in Springfield and am nearly getting frustrated with insight. I was told that by the end of the month, they would be offering the HD pack that is similiar in price and products to the dishnetwork package. I'm not sure what, if any, local HD channels will be included.
However, I just looked at my HD reciever tonight and noticed that there are channels 750 and 751 coming through (HBO that I've been getting and Showtime HD), but there is also 774-778. 774 is the Bravo HD+ channel that was actually on last night. They must be pushing it through as a test or something. I have a Panasonic PT-LC75U and the HD picture was fantastic. They were showing a special on music concerts and it was awesome. I think they must have taped it in HD because it was much better that the upconverted HBO movies. I'm not sure what 775-778 are, but Inisght is getting a call tomorrow to see what they are. I'll post an update.
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HDTV Reception in Danville

I live in Danville and wonder what the reception is like in this area?? I have an Samsung HLN 61 and am eager to get the setup for HDTV.

I have DirecTV and wonder if I should stay with them or look at Dish-network when I upgrade my STB to HDTV - would like any advise you you may have.

Also, I do not have any antenna setup and would like to know what I will need for this area?

Thanks so much for any help.

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Well, by looking at http://www.antennaweb.org it does not look ideal for OTA reception, but I do not have any specific experience.

I'd almost lean to recommending Dish (E*), especially if you are currently a Pegasus D* provided customer. E* is planning on offering the Champaign / Springfield locals (although they will not be HDTV!), E* does not add a local provider fee in your area, and E* does have a HDTV CBS feed available to certain customers, but I'm not sure if you'd have to "move" to qualify for those. I'm a D* customer, but think you are in a situation where you may be better served by E*.

The advantage of staying with D* is currently wider selection of HDTV set top boxes, that currently have better OTA reception than the Dish 6000 (if you get the D* Sony or Zenith).

I'd wait until early next year to see if the new Dish box (811) has received good reports about OTA reception, and if so, it may be worth while getting. (Or their HDTV PVR if you really want it)
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Danville is iffy for HDTV OTA.

WILL-DT will be on at full power in January, and will have HDTV.
You will be able to get them with a big Channel 9 antenna.

WICD-DT (ch 41) is on now and you will get them with any UHF antenna,
but they are not yet HDTV. They are at low power, but that will not
be a problem unless you are behind a hill.

WCIA-DT (ch 48) is on but not HD, and at low power. At full power
you will get them .. but not now.

WAND (18) and WBUI (22) are on and WAND is full power HDTV.

They are a long way from you but you may get them, espeically
WAND, with a really good antenna.

All the Indy majors are on in HD. You will get all of them part
of the time depending on propagation conditions, which are best
in August and are slipping now. You are helped by the low
ground level in the Wabash valley. I frequently get WRTV and
sometimes WFYI here in Champaign. I suspect that a big antenna
on a tall pole will get you the Indy channels reliably.

Doug McDonald
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Thanks ever so much for the great information on channels and power Looks to be very exciting for the future and I can't wait!!!

Wonder if you could point me in the right direction for a "BIG" antenna and also where to get a pole for the antenna??

Thanks again,

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Hi Doug,

I am curious if you have any insight into WICD-DT in Mahomet.

I get 3-1, 17-1/2, 23-1, (and 49-1 if I reconfigure my Samsung TS-160.
These are on a set top antenna.

Anything else I could pull in with a better antenna? What kind of antenna would you reccomend?

Sure wish 3-1 WCIA-CBS would go HD feed. ABC is nice!

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Don't bother with WICD-DT. The picture is no better than
their analog, and they are at a low power and low antenna
height. They will be getting a better antenna and higher power soon,
and MAY get HD ... I strongly suggest you call them up and say
"WE WANT HDTV" ... as well as finding a thread an avsforum about Sinclair
(their owner) and telling MrDTV that "WE WANT HDTV", he is the
guy who can make things happen. Once they get a full height
antenna you will get them with a small antenna, perhaps even at low

When WRSP-44 in Springfield comes on hopefully Nov. 1 you will probably be able to get them with a big antenna on the roof and a good preamp.

Call WCIA as well as WICD and demand HD.

WILL will be on as soon after the New Year as a tower crew
can get their antenna up ... they would be on by Christmas
EXCEPT that their station manager ORDERED their engineers
not to install the antenna as soon as it arrives "So we will
be at full power during our begging period". They will get HD.
And you will have no trouble getting them (ch 9) with a
trivial antenna ... even a UHF antenna will work if it is the kind
that has two unconnected wings, rather than a loop (which shorts
out at DC), as they are very close to you.
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