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Any advantage to Grayhawk in light-controlled room?  

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I'm going to be setting up a dedicated home theatre room, which will have near-perfect light control. I've got a G11 D-ILA. I'm trying to decide on a screen.

IIRC, Don Stewart said on this forum a number of months ago -- before the introduction of the Grayhawk -- that Stewart made gray screens for commercial use in areas where light control was not perfect, and that in that situation, they produced better blacks. I believe he also said that there is no intrinsic advantage to them, except where there is extraneous light.

In my planned HT, there will be no extraneous light. I'm trying to optimize both screen size and brightness. It seems to me that the Grayhawk would do nothing for me, and I would be better off sticking with the Stewart 1.3 gain screen.

Is this right? Don, or anyone else want to comment?

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My setup:
G11, Greyhawk, HTPC, light controlled room.
I had a Stewart 1.3 16:9 perf for 7 months, then upgraded to the Greyhawk. Blacks are much better (even my non-theater junkie wife noticed thbat the picture looked better).
I would go for the Greyhawk.
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I also have a fully light controlled HT.
Part of the advantage of the Grayhawk is minimizing the effects of reflected light, but there are other advantages to the gray screen as well.

My last screen was a DaLite 1.0 gain Audiovision, and the Grayhawk looks visibly better. If your budget supports the Grayhawk screen, it is a better screen. Even in a light controlled environment.

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I'm kind of in the same situation, I have no ambient light at all. However my Proxima LS1 (LCD) only gives off 700 lumens.

Is 700 Lumens enough for the grayhawk or should I go with 1.3?
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The Greyhawk is perfect with my 1000 lumen DILA.
I don't know the answer to your question but you should consider 1 variable: Does your projector put off a true 700 lumens, or would it measure less?
Whatever chart or advice you use to make a decision, the above is something to consider.
Best of luck.
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I have a 16:9 Greyhawk, 96" wide and I use a G1000. It's been calibrated
and it's bulb is 800+ hours old, so I'd guess it's light output is in the
area of 700 lumens. I'm very pleased with the image.

I don't expect to be replacing the screen anytime soon. Sometime in the
distant future, I'll probably be upgrading the projector, but by then a
1500 lumen projector will be common.

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