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grayhawk turn around period  

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Just a quick question for anyone who has purchased a grayhawk recently. I was unable to get one through the AVS store since I already had money tied up in another store (I would have prefered to go through the AVS store). I had canceled an order for a draper m1300 because it was going to take 6 weeks to get. (I placed my original order for a screen in the middle of december and still don't have one). I was told by the store that my screen would arrive on March 9th. I went today to find out about it, and they said that Stewart had changed the ship date to March 26th. (of course they didn't tell me till today, which is exactly what has happened with everything I have tried to buy from them).
The order for a 90" grayhawk was put in on Feb 26th, so is it about a 1 month turn around at this time?

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I don't get it, you work for PIXAR and a local HT company is messing around with you?????

Sure would suck if Buzz accidentally blew up the store in a ToyStory6 scene.

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Hm... I think I placed my order with AVS around the last week or two of
Feb. I received my 8'wide 16x9 Grayhawk this week. A very impressive
packing job. The box had a 2" dint and it wasn't close to hurting anything.
I have a tab tensioned electric model (no masking) and it's very nice.

Perhaps your particular model has a supply problem due to high demand?


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Luxus Deluxe Screenwall 80"x45" Grayhawk, no options.

24 days exactly between order and delivery via DHL.

Packaging was a little disappointing after reading posts here like impressive packing job. Frames weren't protected enough, the top frame came damaged. Fortunatly not blend, so nothing serious. Wall mounting corners put to much pressure on top frame while shipping. I just suppressed those wall mounts and fixed the screen with two simple L screws on the wall.
Grayhawk fabric was perfectly packaged, the most important in the end.

Box size was about 94"x10"x10"

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Oh! I forgot!

The Grayhawk smells!


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re: the smell

So does the Studiotek 130. Phew! It took a couple of weeks before the fumes completely dissipated.

It was worth it though http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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My GrayHawk arrived today. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif This is my third screen (but first Stewart screen), and this is by far the best packaging job I have seen for anything HT related I have received. The huge box, over 10 feet long, arrived in great condition. I put the frame together this morning, then had to go to work before I could continue. I am really glad I got the VeLux covering for the frame...it looks very very nice. I can't wait to finish installing the screen tonight. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


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I am jealous i have not received mine yet (52x92 v-lux), i ordered it on the 27th of Feburary
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Just got mine through AVS - ordered 2/9 arrived 3/6. Jason was very helpful. Thanks
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i'm also expecting a greyhawk (49x87 Model A) ordered thru AVS -
Jason was great to work with.

did you guys get any advance warning of your screen shipment, like
an email with tracking number? or did it just show up one day?

i want it yesterday! :-)

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I didn't have any advanced warning, and thus missed it on a Friday!
Got it the following Monday, figured out the h/w I needed and had it
running the next evening. Don't you hate how work intrudes upon fun.


Sony: SAT-B3, DTC-100,STR-DA777ES Receiver
Toshiba: SD-3109 DVD
Proscan 27" TV
B&W: DM601, CC6, DS6B, 800ASW speakers
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I ordered mine on Feb 14, and it arrived on Mar 14. Apparently it only took 2 1/2 weeks to make it, but took a week and a half to ship from CA to VA. The screen was too large for UPS, so a local trucking/delivery company called me Monday and scheduled delivery for yesterday.

I got the screen installed last night and watched parts of some DVDs and HDTV on CBS. All I can say is WOW! I never would have thought a gray screen would have made such a difference. I agree with all of the previous observations.....contrast appears to be noticeably improved, the lcd "blacks" are darker, color saturation seems better, and overall the entire image seems cleaner and more 3d. I am very happy with the screen. Its definitely a first class product. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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