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well the GrayHawk finally arrived, when I got home around 6pm to my amazement the box had a huge gash about 3.5 long going down the corner of the box and it was fully open, I was afraid to open it since my wife already accepted it, she stated on the shipping order that the box was damaged. well I looked inside and the gash was where the ve-lux frame was located and I didn't see any damage the screen tube looked ok. so this meant I had to check out the screen and frame for damage right now there was no damage but the box is unusable. so I put the frame together and unrolled the screen as they instructed and guess what at the very end is a wrinkle that does not look like it will come out who every rolled it up must have folded this over, even when I stretch it by hand the wrinkle does not come out. looks like a call to Stewart. I will post my finding of how the picture looks compared to my home made black out screen. I have a JVC/Dila G11U and it is uncalibrated and I have no scaler, that's another story.

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Well I didn't even have to call Stewart, Mr. Don Stewart himself called me last night and said he was shipping me a new screen, because this type of wrinkle will not come out it will always show light and dark when there is a projected light on the screen, he said he would ship the new screen FEDX and I should receive it tomorrow, I have never heard of such great service this is one Class Act Company. thanks again DON. and AVScience for turning me on the Stewart Film Screen Co.
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Wow. That is great to hear. Maybee I should unpack my box to make sure everything is alright. The theater isn't finished though so I don't know where I could keep it.

Oh well.

-- Well I have really blown my budget now. --
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they had a statement in my box to be sure to check your screen out within 24hrs of delivery to make sure everything was ok. I am sure this is to protect you from items such as what happen to me. I was impressed.
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