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Can I paint regular screen material?  

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I have a Da-lit fastfold with 1.3 gain material that I want to try painting gray. I have one frame but two screen materials. If I paint one will I be able to remove it and roll it back onto its core and store it in its box without having to worry about the paint cracking or whatever. I want to experiment but I do not want to wreck a good screen to do it.
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In my own opion NO. It will crack. Probably when you unroll it. Once you paint that screen you no longer have a screen with a 1.3 gain. You have a piece of material with paint on it. I use a homemade screen. A gray screen to boot. I love it. My question is why waste a good screen? There are people out there that could use alittle gain. Sell it and buy some material. That is my $.02.

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Bwolff that is not what I wanted to hear but it is what I expected. The reason behind not just making a home made was that I already have the frame mounted and am planning on putting blue rope light with a variable power knob behind the screen but still attached to the frame. If I could just pop the screen off the frame when I wanted and use the push button snaps that hold the screen to the frame it would be a lot easier.
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Doug, it looks like the only way we will really know is to try it ourselves. I think I will try this on a scrap piece of blackout material and let it dry and roll it carefully on to the 4" core which I will be using for storage. I am quite busy at the moment so it might not be for awhile but I will try. If you do this first please post your findings.
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My paint will be ready soon. It is cabable of being folded, and/or rolled and unrolled repeatedly, thousands of times. The paint, on it's own, has a 300% break point on stretching. Beat that with a stick. In this case, you literally can. A dirty stick too boot. the paint will slowly 'bounce back' and return to it's original shape, and it can be washed as well.


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KBK. Any idea how long soon is. I have been waiting to get my hands on your pain (for Dila ) for a long time and I don't see any sense in going any farther myself if your stuff will be coming out soon.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to contemplate painting my brand new Da-lite roll up screen. I can't wait to hear your guys' results. :-)

Ken - what paint are you talking about? Standard latex or something you found/created?

Everybody - I am quite disappointed with the number of ripples on my screen. I originally thought that the idea of a "tensioned" screen was over the top, now I feel like it's the biggest flaw in my theater. Has anybody figured out a good way to "pull" the ripples out? (Yes I have to have a roll up screen, because I have a "small" 62 inch TV behind my 130" pulldown screen, oh and some windows.)

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