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Screen question/recommendation  

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Greetings to all. First post here. I read a little about DIY screens on the forum and think this is a good option for me. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas!!! Presently, I am thinking of purchasing a Sony VW10HT LCD projector. I have a reletively small living/HT room. Viewing/projecting distance for projector and me to be about 12 feet. Originally thinking of Da-lite pull down screen, but heard problems with waves in screen, hot spots, etc. Making frame and mounting fabric/blackout material are all options. My room is small 15' x 12' and wonder how/where I would store screen? If I mount to ceiling and fold toward ceiling when not in use will look bad. If I place hooks in ceiling, where do I store/conceal screen after removal?

Questions are:
1. Where/how do I mount/store screen so room still looks good.
2. Recommendation of screen material for LCD projector, looks like "blackout" material one of the best.

George V
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George Welcome,
There are pictures on forum of 2 interesting setups.One was furling jib type that went from left to right with tension.My favorite was concealed behind sofa on floor and pulled up to 2 ceiling hooks to use.
good luck.

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