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I have a Stewart EM-132 screen that is like new and measures 122" X 66". It does is electro masking and the screens rolls up and down. Studio Tek 130.

I just tried to install it in my dedicated theater that is under construction and it is too big for my room because of the height. I purchased it for another house that needed the room for multi use. I need something from 100' - 110" and I don't need it to retract. If anyone is interested in my screen I will work out either a trade or sell it.

I have maybe a week to make a decision. If no one is interested I will paint the borders to make it smaller. I just prefer to help someone out since I don't need the roll up feature anyway. I must have masking though if we trade.

I will post this in classifieds as well. Please don't jump on me for posting here. I just wanted to let everyone know.

Thanks Paul