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I was wondering if any one could give me some advice?

Would the Stewart screen with the automatic aspect ratio panels be the ticket for me if I currently own a CRT that I wish to display at 96 X 54.

The catch is I know I'll be trading in the beast in a few years to upgrade to a DLP or D-ILA when the technology matures - I would thus be able to display that new device on a much larger screen.

Thus, would it make sense to buy a Stewart Microperf that is rather large and grow into it as I change projectors (from CRT to DLP)using the aspect control panels to size it as needed.

Can the Stewart aspect panels shrink from lets say a 120" width to form a 96" wide screen?

Or should I scrap a fixed mount 96" wide screen and buy a larger fixed screen when I change the projector?

Thanks Jeff

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